Shit! Look Who We Have Here

So hello guys!

Been long you all saw me here and I’m not even sure what I’m doing here now. Life has been great and all and we outchea struggling to make a decent living and not look like what we’ve been going through. It’s going on pretty well, in case you asked.

There’s been a lot going on and I will probably write about it. I was a year older in February, spent a fulfilling weekend at a beach, may or may not be seeing someone amidst other things. I will write about this. One of the major things that have been happening is this never-ending cycle of doing well and relaxing. Some days, you see certain people and you start to think of what you’re not doing right. And you try to be more serious and all, and end up not getting a callback or an email. Then, you just go back to lazing about and managing that which you own.

So, a lot of people (read my colleague at work ) have asked why I have stopped posting here and the answer is simple. It’s a breed of laziness and work. I’m really doing a lot right now and well, when I have free time, this space is the last thing that I think of. (That’s even if I think of it, y’all still important to me). Then, I’m always laying around so there’s that too. Anyway, it’s going to change. A few redesigns here are in the work and we move! (Am I not even tired of saying this?)


For one, my monthly good things will be moving to a Tinyletter. So I’ve toyed with this idea of having a tinyletter (a newsletter with random cool things I pick on the internet). I had the idea sometime last year but did nothing with it but well, I’m doing it now. So I’ll be moving the monthly things I love to the tinyletter and every other thing will likely appear on the blog if I post. It’s just super cool to say I have a Tinyletter I figure. (Very excited about this one)


So if you don’t know what the monthly good things is about, it’s basically like a drop down of movies, TV shows, web series, music, photos, articles, books and places I’ve been to. Please drop your emails to get the first one when I send it at the end of this month – I think next Friday or Saturday (sometimes on the weekend when I’m lazing about)
New blog posts will probably come up after I’m done sorting out the newsletter iish!

Until then,
Peace people.


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