I Lost 1Kg in Six Months And Here’s Everything I Did Right

So, I’m like the laziest human being that ever lived and it’s no surprise I take this attitude to a lot of things including fitness and working out. (I’m not lazy when it comes to work) I’m at this point where I really don’t care about being a certain way. Everybody is actually perfect. In the famous Nigerian twitter lingo “na fat I fat, I no kill person” and that’s about it. And it doesn’t even help matters that I love food too and my diet is primarily made up of carbs.

It honestly hasn’t always been like this. Before I left university, I was as thin as a broomstick even with my high level of carbs intake. I would wake up at midnight to cook just because I could and would still look like I hadn’t eaten for days. In my youthful exuberance and naivety, I forgot that all good things must come to an end. Years after I left the university and started working at an e-commerce firm in Lagos, it all changed. It was as though you could see a reflection of everything I had consumed for the whole day.

Fast forward to 2017, about two years since I left the e-commerce firm, I had admitted I was fat and there was nothing that would happen. I look at people who work out and sometimes I’m tensioned. I mean, I was tensioned to get an armband to jog which I used for less than a month. It was helpful that I was working remotely at the point so I’d take a run as early as 6(this is early because I live for my morning sleep) and then sleep till like 9 before I started working for the day. However, when I had to go into an office, I couldn’t wake up so early primarily because I was working late and sleeping late and mornings were a no. I’m typically scared of evening runs so that’s cancelled.

When I brought it up at some point, my friend Andrew suggested skipping. As usual, someone else I told added that it was girly but I was unfazed and went on to get a skipping rope immediately. Like the armband, it didn’t last for so long. I still skip occasionally but mainly for relaxation. I try to reach about 150-200 daily (psst: I stop for air all the time).

If you’re suggesting phone apps, then you have it all wrong. I can bet my ass I downloaded up to ten applications (at different times) to work out. However, there’s a competition between the instant messengers (WhatsApp, Slack, Google Hangout) and the social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) such that the fitness apps have little or no breathing space and they become the first victims of eviction when space needs to be freed on the phone

Food habits have not completely changed. I still eat copious amounts of carbs because my whole diet revolves around it. I try to reduce the amount of junk I eat so no more pizza, ice cream and pastries. It’s hard to stay away from these but the economy and priorities help me put these in check. I also run away from sugar as much as I can, sugar in form of carbonated drinks and the likes. It’s the hardest because they’re a lot cheaper but we do it for the culture and the not so peeking pot belly.

In January 2018, about six months since I went up the balance, I noticed my weight had dropped: from 81kg (to take a wild guess) 80kg. Who would have actually thought? I am genuinely happy about this progress and have since shared it on all my social media platforms (hashtag goals, hashtag fitness goals, hashtag motivation, hashtag you can do it). The best thing about this weight loss for me is that my BMI is back to normal. It was slightly overweight and if not for anything, I’m thankful for that. So maybe, just maybe, I may be motivated to get rid of more body weight.

And there you have it, that’s how to simply get rid of 1kg in six months. Just try to get an armband and jog but don’t really jog, skip but don’t really skip and last but not least, actually say no to junk. If you’re persistent, you can get rid of 1.3 or 1.5kg in time for summer.


Okay, so I’ve not written here in a while and I hope to work on it this year. (I know I actually won’t) You can, however, follow my newsletter if you don’t. I pretty much share my favourite things once a month and that’s it.

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