June 2016

It’s a few minutes after 12 on the 7th of July. I’m typing a June review in July. I’m honestly getting worse at this every day to be quite honest, but I console myself with the fact that I’m not giving up. I really want to look back at these entries some day and laugh, or whatever emotion comes to mind. Happy New Month guys! It’s three months to the end of service year and so I’m slightly happy. Maybe when next I write, I’ll do a little catch up on how that’s fairing (you can check the previous entry here)

While I’m happy that I’m finally leaving this town soon, I’m also sad because I’ve gotten used to the life of comfort here. I really don’t care about how long I stream stuff because there’s wi-fi and I don’t iron my clothes for the week because I know I meet power the next morning. Imagine me going to Lagos for the weekend and having to buy a power bank. Just a weekend.

Anyway, let’s move to gist with what happened this month.



TV Shows and Movies (1)
I think I’ve been listening to the regular shit I listen to. My phone is kinda bad so I cannot access my full musical library. On my iPhone, I have just Beyoncé’s album and I listen to that on a regular. I watch the Lemonade visual album too and soak in the awesome poetry. The one at the beginning of Sorry gets to me all the time. I’ve been listening to Sia, Meghan Trainor and basically YouTube’s selection of pop lol. I think that works for me. I also found love in playing Catholic hymns on YouTube. Not to forget the amazing Johnny Drille. Totally love his song called My Beautiful Love. If it’s anything I made a list of musicians who are the new school you should listen to here.



Movies and TV Shows

TV Shows and Movies

So Game of Thrones came to an end last month and I still haven’t gotten to that point where I feel bad and wait for the next season. I actually want to start the season all over again but I feel there’s a lot more to watch. I think Jon and Tyrion were my favourite people to watch this season. I went through a lot with the girl who had no name, a lot that meant pausing the show at some point and praying that she doesn’t die. And Ramin Djawadi did a great job with the music. It has been on my YouTube playlist of last seen.

Also, I did watch a lot of movies this month, more than I’d normally watch. I saw the following
1. The Huntsman: Was fun to watch, thoroughly enjoyed the songs ‘Freeze You Out’ by Sia and ‘Colours’ by Halsey.

2. London Has Fallen: Very predictable, kept on asking if something like this hadn’t been done already.

3. Zootopia: Maybe I need to re-watch to feel what people felt, but it was just there.

4. Inside Out: Enjoyed this one. I have it stored somewhere on my laptop to watch another day. The whole people in control of your head was good for me.

5. Minions 2: First time watching a Minions movie. Quite hilarious

I’m still watching Wayward Pines and Devious Maids, House of Cards and Billions too. I started HBO’s new show called The Night is and it’s good. Also, I cannot wait for Sense8. Cannot


TV Shows and Movies (4)

I’ve been so busy so honestly, no books. I haven’t finished any but sleep has been winning my battle with Helen Oyeyemi’s ‘Mr Fox’




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Nothing happens in Ondo, sure we’ve established that fact. I was in Lagos for a weekend in June however. Stayed home and drowned in home-made good food and went out to meet people for the Socialiga thing. Had good small chops and someone gifted me a cake (from Cake Mayor). See, the cake was actually tasty tbh. If you have to get a cake in Lagos, just search Cake Mayor on Instagram and Twitter for me and call.

I’ve been real busy this month and I hope it’ll change in July, it hasn’t as at now but it’s too early!


Until later,



April 2016

We’re in May guys! Like wasn’t it just January a few days ago? It proves one thing – the year isn’t waiting for you so go out and get what you want to get really. Always better for you. That being said, Happy New Month! May this month bring you all the good heart desires you have. With every new month, I come to talk about the past month and just drop one or two things here about the month and so I proceed.



TV Shows and Movies

TV Shows and Movies


As usual, TV shows are still key in my life right now and I spend about 30-40% of my time watching them. Currently, I’m following up on just Jane the Virgin, Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones on a weekly basis. I think the writers on Jane the Virgin need to do much better really. The show is just blah and all over the place right now. I’m not particularly one of those people who like to leave shows halfway and that’s why I’m still following ardently. But they’ve lost me in real life. Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t really have any wow factor for me right now. It’s like it goes down with every weekly episode. Much work really, more plot twists. Game of Thrones still has about eight episodes to go so let’s see what they have. But Jon Snow is still alive and so all is well. I don’t like what’s happening to Arya but she’ll be fine.

I watched other shows this month like American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson and I must commend the writers. That show was amazing and it kept me on the edge of my bed for as long as I watched. I insist OJ was indeed guilty but the odds were in his favour – almost every piece of evidence against him had some solid plot twist attached honestly. I’m still on Suits Season 5 and I cannot fully comprehend that Donna left Harvey really. Not to forget that I re-watched Devious Maids and I cannot wait for the new season later this year.



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I’m here for Beyonce’s Lemonade album. It’s a beautiful album to say but the least – the songs and the visuals. Top five on the album are Hold Up, Daddy’s Lessons, Don’t Hurt Yourself, All Night and Freedom. I think it was a far better album than Beyonce and I had no doubts accepting it, unlike her self-titled album. I also paid for Apple Music so I’ve been in music heaven. It was a mistake but it was one I enjoyed making. I bumped TLOP, Views and Anti and favourites from these are Famous, One Dance and Love on The Brain in that order. Still listening to them. I have like 1001 new songs I enjoyed but I’ll stop here. On the local scene, I really like Mama by Kiss Daniel, Kolewerk by Koker and Oluwa Ni by Reekado Banks (first song of his I really like). Tiwa’s video to ‘If I Start To Talk’ is pure art. You should see it really.


Blogs, Tumblr, and Instagram

TV Shows and Movies (3)

My favorite blog may just be The Alaroro. I really like the cool images she makes on her blog and you should read it if you don’t. My tumblr is filled with black people and I really like it because they talk about the things that affect me most times. Instagram, nothing extra really



TV Shows and Movies (2)

So I was in Lagos for a good part of April and I kept cancelling everything I was going to attend. However, I was at the Open House Lagos event for a day and I must say, Lagos is real pretty. One of our stops was Bogobiri and I got a shirt at the stall there. I was also at Asa’s concert and I was so mad my phone died. My iPhone 5c battery is bad and man is broke for now. But it was beautiful. One of my favorite people, Kaline was also there and it was worth it.


Not to forget that I went window shopping and came out of the shop with two bags filled up with clothes. So let me tell you quickly about it. I and a friend agreed to see Batman vs Superman (I think) at Ikeja City Mall for Easter. We got there and he was running late. Battery died (my phone keeps messing with me) and then I couldn’t find anywhere around to charge my phone. So I waited for a while, went downstairs to eat pizza and ended up window shopping. AND MY CARD WAS WITH ME! The rest is history. I’m trying to invest in things I can wear with other things though so it wasn’t a waste.



TV Shows and Movies (4)

I read Trafficked by Akachi Adimora Ezeigbo and it was quite engaging. I didn’t like the way it ended, but well, there’s a reason for it. I also re-read We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. You should read it really! Currently,I’m reading Odufa by Othuke Ominiabohs. (I made notes for CNA’s book so hopefully, I’d share that soonest)


Until then,





March 2016

Hello, guys! Happy New Month to you all. As usual, I pray this month brings you the very best it has to offer. As it is the normal tradition here, I’m sharing titbits of what went down in the month of March. Generally, March was a good month just as the other months of the year have been. It marks the end of the first quarter of the year – how time flies really.


Movies and TV Shows

TV Shows and Movies

I think I’m slowly getting a hang of my love for television shows again. I’ve been doing a lot of watching, mostly after long hours at work and it’s been fun. Because they’re quite much, I’ll just list them out and say one thing I feel about them

Grey’s Anatomy: Somehow I’m still interested in knowing what happens here even after 11 seasons. So yeah, great job to Shonda for keeping the attention game. I’m not the biggest fan of Meredith’s new love interest and I don’t like Amelia Shepherd. If I had to kill someone on the show, it would be Catherine Avery. Last but not the least, I don’t think I like Penny being on the show. I love Alex Karev even more now and I feel bad for Jo Wilson.

Shades of Blue: A lot of people have called this show a bad show and one review I saw said “it’s the type of show you ask your enemies to watch” but I’m still liking it. I’m just looking forward to Jennifer Lopez and the secret guy she’s working with to hook up. I don’t think it would survive a second season, though. Looks like something that wouldn’t make sense if they don’t drag the storyline.

Sense8: After seeing a review on how good this show was, I decided to watch. The first three/four episodes were very confusing because I tried to place and place things together but it didn’t work. But when I got past these, I loved it! My favourite sensates are Lito, Capheus, Kala and Wolfgang. I still insist Sia would have made a good pick for the DJ girl and I don’t like the trans girl but I think her girlfriend is really hot. Oh, and did I mention the sex scenes/make-out scenes are so beautiful to look out? Not to forget the fact that the introductory montage is great. I also like the fact that the bad sensate looks like a good guy and vice versa.

2 Broke Girls: Love this show. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. For me, Max, Earl, Oleg, Sophie and Caroline. Ascending order of hilarity.

Jane the Virgin: Still #TeamRafeal but I feel this show is slowly losing it. I don’t know if they’ll come back. I’m just watching really to know who gets Jane in the long run and from the look of things, Michael is leading. I saw something that said they need to introduce a new love interest and that was what I thought Jane’s professor was till they kinda lost him. Hopefully, they make a big comeback for me.

Da Vinci Demons: I just started this. Two episodes in and I really like it. I like that Da Vinci is quirky and I like the premise. Hopefully, it stays the same when I decide to continue

How To Get Away with Murder: I keep saying this drama is fire because it just makes you look stupid. You have a plot or another plot and they just come and surprise you and you’re just like wow. The show is still good and I’m hoping they come back soonest!

The Voice Season 10: #TeamIngrid! I’m rooting for Ingrid



TV Shows and Movies (1)

Currently, I have quite a lot of new music that rocked my playlist in March

  • Reinfaltrator – Falana
  • You Suppose Know – Bez
  • Ferrari – Yemi Alade
  • Femi – Mosa
  • Gentleman – Ric Hassani
  • Grateful – Kaline
  • Sweetest Taboo – Sade
  • There’s A Fire – Bez
  • Drop in the Ocean – Omi
  • Bad Blood – Taylor Swift
  • All I Want is You – Banky W
  • Ginger Me Slowly – Somi
  • Omo Alhaji – Ycee

There are a lot of music videos obviously but I think you should see the following

  • School Your Face – Temidollface
  • Abule Sowo – Olamide
  • Soldier – Falz

There’s a long list but yes, here’s where I remember to



TV Shows and Movies (2)


I was in Lagos for my Easter break and I shared what I did and learnt while in Lagos here. I’m back to Ondo state and still in my apartment enjoying my space, peace and quiet.


TV Shows and Movies (4)

I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I’m currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth


Until next month,


February 2016

So I made a recording, uploaded it to Soundcloud and then deleted when I found out I made some pronunciation error. I wasn’t going to write this month, wanted to try recording what I had to say.

Now there’s a reason I wasn’t going to type. Not just because I wanted to try having a podcast or something like that. But because somehow, work has been a lot of writing these days and not saying I don’t enjoy work, but it gets tiring sometimes. But hey, I get paid and I have sworn not to forget monthly rounds/reviews so here I am.

Super late but happy new month! I’ll be sharing bits from select categories on how February went and trying at the same time not to divulge bits from the first nine days of March. Let’s see how that goes.

TV Shows and Movies

TV Shows and Movies

I’ve continued my love life with Jane the Virgin and How To Get Away With Murder. The drama on the former has me keenly interested while the latter, well I’m still here. I like how things never go according to my plan on HTGAWM but I fear I might lose interest soon. I also started Grey’s Anatomy from beginning and now I’m on the ninth season. Great show! Happy to see that I haven’t lost interest in it. I also started watching Shades of Blue and Sense8.


Blogs, Tumblr, and Instagram

TV Shows and Movies (3)

I don’t think I have any particular blog I enjoy reading now. I contribute to these ones here, here and here so check them out and see what’s happening there. Lost interest slightly in Tumblr and Instagram so there hasn’t been so much for me there.


Music and Music Videos

TV Shows and Movies (1)

I’m still bumping Sia and Rihanna’s albums. Favorites are ‘House on Fire’ and ‘Love on the Brain’ respectively. Meghan Trainor’s album is also impressive! Other songs I enjoyed last month include

  • Blue Bayou – Linda Ronstadt
  • Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman
  • Omo Alhaji – Ycee
  • Ginger Me Slowly – Somi


Places and Events

TV Shows and Movies (2)

I visited Erin Ijesha last month and I shared pictures and all details here. As I said last month, not so much of going out.



TV Shows and Movies (4)

Haha, work and TV shows have gotten in the way of this.


And it was my birthday in February, thank you for the wishes and the ones who got me something off my wishlist, thank you!!


Until next month,



January 2016

Hello guys and happy new month to you all. Finally, January is over and it’s February. In as much as January was a long month, I see the year running quite fast. Make February work for you and I wish you all the best! February is my birth month so yeah, I’m slightly excited as compared to my “happy new month” face right now. My birthday falls two days before Valentine and if you love me enough to get me something, here’s my wishlist.

Anyway, as usual, I’m taking rounds for the month and sharing how my January went.

TV Shows and Movies

Since I got posted to where I currently work, I’ve been doing a lot of watching TV. I started with Jane the Virgin (which I really love) to season 2 of How To Get Away With Murder (which I thought had a lot of lows – kinda started getting boring but finale was lit), Vikings (really interesting TV show) and yes, Revenge (I concluded Revenge this month). Currently, I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy. I just started and it’s actually 12 seasons and I’m like “plis what are they acting up to 12 seasons?” I also added An African City and a few online TV shows to my list – Check them out here


For movies, I finally saw the Mad Max Fury Road movie and I just felt it was there. The story didn’t move me. But I must commend the pictures – it looked so fucking real and so good. And lowkey, I was happy to see Zoe Kravitz in it. I always see her on Vogue having photoshoots but I have never really noticed her on a movie. I saw Spectre too – same ‘just there’ feeling really. Watched a little bit of comedy – Alakada, a Nigerian movie and ‘Bride for Rent’. Hilarious! Not to forget that I watched 101 Dalmatians again and I was like “how did I believe this movie from way back?”. I mean, who adopts 101 puppies? How do you feed them? How do you breathe?


Blogs, Tumblr and Instagram

Fallen in love with Lakin Ogunbawo and his work and all the little bits he shares on his Tumblr here. I also recently followed Kitchen Butterfly on Instagram and her pictures make me really happy. There’s always a bit of colour splash and something that attracts you to her pictures. Then, there’s this new website I contribute to currently called OMGVoice. You should check out the articles here.

Music and Music Videos

Oh January was a good music month I think. There was Sia’s ‘This is Acting’ album and Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ Album. Right now, I’m just feeling one or two songs from the album and I’ll give it time to penetrate a little. I also loved the video to Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ which features Beyonce. I liked ‘Romantic’ by Korede Bello and Tiwa Savage, ‘Play na Play’ by Omawumi and Angelique Kidjo, ‘Wonderful Wonder’ by Nathaniel Bassey and ‘Don’t Stop’ by Korede Bello.

Places and Events

I am in Ondo state right now and I’m looking to visit the tourist attractions here (if you’re planning to, get at me so we’ll go together) but for now, I’ve been majorly indoors really. No strength to go out, nobody I know around and nothing to do in Ondo.



My reading habit is getting really bad and I’m trying to work on it. Trying to read along with @TheReadClub on twitter and I hope I’m able to read at least two of the four they read monthly.


Peace, love and everything!


December 2015

Hi, guys! Happy New Year to you all. I wish you all the very best this year has to offer. This post originally appeared here on Stories.ng where I wrote about my year.

Every year, I pick up my notepad and write about my year, sometimes noticing how it follows similar trends, but yet still write. Never in these three years of writing have I been as uncomfortable while writing as I am this year.

If you didn’t guess NYSC, you are so so wrong.

I’m in one of the orientation camps located in the federation waiting for all of this to end. But that won’t stop my review.

Maybe it’ll affect the form it’s going to take. It would normally come as a long essay paragraphed and probably dividing the year into segments like I did last year, but this year, I’ve decided to make it a talk show So it’s me interviewing Frank about how his 2015 went.

Me: So, straight to the point, how was your 2015?

Frank: It was good. It started with a promotion at work when I resumed late January, and then life rolled on, continuously. One more promotion came mid-year, and then things I enjoyed doing became not just hobbies, but money yielding ventures. I think this year was totally amazing!

Me: Meaning you had no low points?

Frank: Of course I had low points. A whole lot of them. I don’t think it’s humanly possible not to have low points in the whole year.

Me: So spill, tell us about these low points

Frank: I’ll talk about the long term low points. For one, I had issues at work for a while. There were days where I  had to deal with my superior at work. It would be somehow baring it all because this person may read this, but for that period, there was little or no job satisfaction. Then, there were days when loneliness got the best part of me. Some days, when you have people around but you can’t feel them or maybe the ones who lurk around aren’t the ones you want to. Then, my school result came out and I graduated with a second class lower. Came as a bigger shock to me when I saw it. I’m not saying I’m that brainy and all, but I was really expecting and praying for a second class upper. I was down for a while as a result. Took me quite some time to really accept that it was my result. I only told my parents about it sometime this month and we’ve not had a serious discussion about it (because NYSC). I think of it some days, and the morale goes low really. But I’ve signed a pact with myself to strive harder, and even have a lot on my plate, more than the guys with the first class results.

Me: So what are your plans for 2016?

Frank: I don’t know. I intend to keep writing as the year comes in. But I’m going to be working in Ondo state for my service year, so I look forward to it. I also plan on getting my masters. Typically, I’d want something around media, journalism and writing but I don’t think my parents would want to hear that they’re paying for that (at least not now). So I’m looking out for scholarships that commence late 2016 or early 2017. If it doesn’t work out (that is, media, I’d try out something around my field of study)

Me: What would you correct about 2015 if you could?

Frank: Early 2015, I made a career choice that I would want to change. I had the option of picking between two jobs, and I ended up picking the one I resigned from (which I have no regrets). However, if I was open to doing it again, I’d probably pick the one I rejected. Proper thinking has made me realize what I lost. I’d also want to delete a lot of one-minute careless mistakes I made. Let’s not even go into that.

Me: So let’s talk about relationships. How has your relationship with God, family, friends been this year? Anything you plan working on in 2016?

Frank: With God, it’s in the works. I’m learning to love him everyday. There’s a whole lot of distraction most times, but I promise to work harder to love and know him even more. With my nuclear family, I’d say it’s just there. We love each other, and we fight when we need to. Somedays, it’s both parents, other days, it’s one of them and on other days, it’s one sibling or the other. But the underlining factor is we love each other. With friends, I think I like where it is. I used to be a fan of “small talk”

“Hello, what’s up”

“I’m good”

“Fine. Just wanted to check on you”

But this year, I like how it stopped. Not that I don’t buzz people I need to talk to but it’s not like before. I talk to the people I need to talk with and that’s fine. (PS – Everyone complains about how I prefer to send an instant message rather than call, so that’s one thing I’d look out for in 2016)

Me: Love?

Frank: Not yet. And I’m not trying. If it comes my way, fine. If not, I can like to rest.

Me: Favorite music, movie, and a book of 2015?

Frank: I love music. So I can’t mention just one. I’d give you, at least, five.

  • Forever – Bemyoda
  • Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
  • You Suppose Know – Bez
  • Purple Jar – Brymo
  • Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd
  • Jamb Question – Simi

There are a whole lot of them, but let’s leave it at this. For movies, I don’t know. I’m going to say I really liked Beast of No Nation, maybe because that’s the most recent 2015 movie I saw. For books, I don’t know. Every book I read this year really seemed average to me, nothing really excited me. But for an honorary mention, let’s say The Time Traveler’s Wife was good.

Me: Anything that has kept you going throughout the year?

Frank: I’d say, God. I’m not going to make this very religious but I’d just say that it’s been him all the way. Every day, I’m reminded of his constant love for sinners which he keeps talking about in his holy book. And it changed the mindset I used to have long ago, where I wouldn’t say “hello” to him because I was deep in sin.

Me: What lessons do you want people to take home this year?

Frank: First, I’d start with you laying your bed out before sleeping. It’s when you lay your bed you see the thorns and sand on the bed, and clear it up before sleeping. Also, live life to the fullest. I don’t know that has been my  motto low-key this year. Above all, commit it all to God and you’ll be just fine.

Me: What’s your plan for the rest of the year?

Frank: Eat, sleep, and rest. As you read this, I’m a few days away from leaving the NYSC orientation camp. So when I’m home, I’ll eat and supply my body with all the things I missed, sleep and make up for all the early mornings here and rest.

Me: Thank you for having us Frank

Frank: You’re welcome! Let’s do this again sometime next year.

October 2015

Happy New Month people! Hope this month brings you everything your heart desires and a lot more. Now, this was supposed to come a lot earlier, but a lot of things have been happening with your boy and so, I’m normally either too tired or clogged up with work. But I won’t really stop writing here – I do it for me. Anyway, let’s talk about my October lol!

Movies and TV Shows

For October, I dedicated it to the Bond collection. Now I’m not really the biggest Bond fan really. I haven’t seen Skyfall not to talk about the new Spectre. But when people started commenting on how Sam Smith’s ‘Writings on the Wall’ (which was the song for the new Spectre movie ) didn’t sound ‘bond enough’, I had to listen to the previous songs and then it just dawned on me that I have the movie somewhere on my laptop and so, I started watching. I think Sean Connery was an amazing Bond. I’m still watching from the era where he was Bond.

In addition to that, I finally watched Pitch Perfect 2 and I must say it was quite good. It had its parts and damn, those guys from Da Sound Machine are very good! The scene with the weird man who gave out a gift card was undoubtedly my favorite. I liked the songs played from that part, maybe because I could relate to it. On a scale of 1-10, I’ll give it a 4. I’m still trying to watch The Cleveland Show and it’s hilarious most times. I think it’s very cool.

Blogs, Tumblr and Instagram

Favorite blog has to be allidoiscook. Looking at the pictures and recipes make cooking a lot easier and I’m there for that. I like to cook, and I really hope I get to try out these recipes someday, maybe when I live alone (because right now, nobody will allow me cook something I’m not sure of for two).  I haven’t been really active on Tumblr but when I am, I’m reblogging pictures from 365DaysOfLagos, a picture series and probably from either the staff picks or trending tabs. For Instagram, I really don’t know. I was all over the place on Instagram – looking through pictures from the LFDW which happened last month, or cyberstalking in a good way always! But I’ll say I check the official @Instagram more often these days 🙂

Music and Music Videos

I have a long list of music I’m feeling really so I’ll just hope I remember it all. In no particular order,

  • Inside of You – Darey x Asa
  • Left For Good – Waje x Patoranking
  • On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons
  • Cinderella – Olu Maintain x 2Face Idibia
  • Guitar Boy – Sir Victor Uwaifo
  • Hello – Adele
  • What is Love – Janelle Monae, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx and a host of people
  • Power – Kanye West x Dwele
  • Batucada Familia – Carlinhos Brown, Jamie Foxx, Rachel Crow and others
  • There’s A Fire – Bez
  • I Love You So – Tijan
  • Right Now – Seyi Shay

I can’t remember if I spoke about the Collectiv3 EP here but it’s amazing. It features IKON, Temidollface, Poe, Fumbi, Kid Konnect, Nneka, Nsikak David, all young people giving out excellent music. If you haven’t, you’re sleeping on it really. Favorite songs on the EP are ‘School your Face’ by Temidollface, ‘Akintunde’ by IKON and Temidollface and ‘Adore her’ by Poe and Fumbi. I got all of 2Face’s albums and I have been blasting that, amazing stuff.

For music videos, I haven’t done a lot of them in a while really so I can’t tell which is good and trending really.

Places and Events

I was at London Life Lagos Living last month and I wrote about it here. Then there was Afropolitan Vibes which I also wrote about here. Then, I went to Badagry last month and I blogged about it here. I went for the Worm Free Zone at Dodan Barracks last week and it was very good. Worm Free Zone is organized by a doctor who picks out a location I think once in three months to go out and deworm the kids there. They also get a lot of presents and music and games for that day. Also, I was at Café Neo for the first time ever – great workspace really!  Then, Bogobiri too and it was good. Should probably choose a day to go out and see Lagos extensively.


This month, I have been reading Becoming Beyonce by J. Randy Taraborrelli. You should read it too. I think he’s quite engaging really, in as much I have my doubts about most of his “facts”. Apart from that, I guess that’s it!

Have a good November!