Game of Thrones Season Five: Episode 7

Hello guys! I hope we’re enjoying how Game of Thrones is turning out so far. It’s just three episodes and this season comes to an end just in case you forgot. Anyway, let’s talk about what happened in the seventh episode

Back to Sender, Cersei

Cersei bit hard and forgot how it the bite would feel. When she signed the ‘morality bill’ into law, she forgot some people knew she wasn’t all that righteous. And now, guess who’s in prison? You guessed right, It’s Cersei and there’s no one to her rescue, definitely not her clueless Tommen or her brother cum baby daddy who is in Dorne.

Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre

Stannis is out with his men and as a leader that he is, he is faced with pressing issues such as the snow and food. Davos urges Stannis to turn back but Stannis is persistent, stating that the snow may last years but they need to press on to their destination.

Melisandre brings up a crazy idea, crazy because it involves killing the little Shireen. She wants Stannis to sacrifice the little girl to the lord of light to which Stannis asks her to leave. I pray he’s headstrong really.

Daenerys, Tyrion and Jorah

Jorah is sold at an auction to a slave trader and Tyrion being the smart head that he is won’t let him go like that. Tyrion, with the aid of his mouth and wit performs some outstanding tricks that make the slave trader acquire him also. Since Daenerys approved fighting back in Meereen, she comes to watch one with Daario (who is still visiting Khaleesi late) and then Jorah makes appearance bringing a gift of Tyrion. While we don’t know what this meeting holds, it’s basically two powerful characters and I’m inquisitive to know what the topic of discussion is. Maybe he’ll become one of her advisers, but is Daenerys ready to take such risk?

(Anyway, I think Dany slayed in this Solange inspired piece, did you?)


Sansa, Theon and Ramsay

Sansa confides in Theon after what went down with her husband but well as long as Theon remains Reek, he’s going to continue being the idiot Ramsay programmed him to be (not like I was really expecting anything from him). Sansa really needs to be calm too. She should know she’s married to a psychopath and watch how she talks

Re: “What happens if she has a boy?

Then I’ll have a baby brother

But he’ll be the heir

I’m Lord Bolton’s eldest son

But you’re a bastard – a true born will always have a stronger place

I was actually expecting Theon to slap her hard really.

Castle Black

At Castle Black, Jon Snow is out to find the Wildlings so they can help him against the Army of the Dead. We also witness the death of Aemon who was one of my favourite people at Castle Black. Sam stands up for Gilly when two men try to harass her and he fails for a better part, until the wolf comes out and scares them (where did it come from? Why haven’t we been seeing it?) And then Sam joins Jon on the list of the men of the Night Watch who have broken their vows when he has sex with Gilly.


In Dorne, ‘Uncle’ Jaime confronts his ‘niece’ who isn’t having anything that he’s saying. She insists that she wants to remain in Dorne and not shipped off to King’s Landing. On the other hand, Bronn who is in prison has a lovely voice and is given a poisoned sell-sword by the Sand Snakes (he’s dying slowly)

LittleFinger and Olenna

It is interesting to note that Little Finger was the reason Cersei was put to prison (after Olenna seeks out) but how long until Little Finger betrays Olenna? I for one, see him on the Iron Throne soon. He is a very deceptive and manipulative personality.

Anyway, let’s see how it happens next week. Enjoy.

Image Credit: Screen Rant, Tumblr