Weekend Vibes: London Life Lagos Living

If anyone had told me my Sunday would be filled with this much laughter, I probably won’t believe. It’s the first Sunday of the month and these are normally reserved for sleep. Laundry, sleep and sleep. Until Vivian came along offering me a VIP ticket to an evening of great stage play, and music eventually.

It was London Life, Lagos Living showing and I had always wanted to see it. I missed a child dedication and a birthday party for this, just to show you how eager I was. Thank God my dad was in his very calm mood so there was no pressure.

The 3pm show started late, with eager members of the audience delayed downstairs and for a little while, in the hall where the play held. While ‘technical issues’ were being attended to, we were thrilled to music from Isaac Geralds. (Random – I don’t think I like people with two English names). Isaac came on stage bubbling with life, and easily won our hearts with his charming voice and his persona. Interacting with the audience even made us love him much more, and after his performance, the long awaited show kicked off. Here is a video of him performing the same song he did at Project Fame

The show, which starred Kate Henshaw, OC Ukeje, Lala Akindoju Funke Akindele, Chioma ‘Chigul’ Omeruah, Lami Philips, Debola Williams and Patrick Diabuah revolved around topics ranging from religion, to relationships, to common annoying things Lagos people say and then gratification from starters amidst others. These actors, came out individually and in a group to talk about these challenging problems and I must confess they nailed it! I could relate with the part where ‘This Day Style’ was referenced and how people would do anything to get on blogs and publications only to be called ‘guest’ or ‘ a friend of xxx’. I also could relate with Chigul when she spoke on musical chairs, and the ‘everybody is a winner’ line we got when you were sent off at an early stage. Tons and tons of things that I enjoyed. All these topics were trashed in a hilarious manner, with background music.

Now let’s talk about the acting. The acting was great! Favourite for me was Patrick Diabuah. I’m just seeing him for the first time and I was impressed. Then there’s Lami closely behind. It was when I read her profile I realised she was a trained actor. She good, all the accents she brought to live were hamazing. Lala Akindoju is such a star. Good actor, excellent vocalist and dancer extraordinaire. ( I wrote quite a lot about her here) These guys were awesome, all of them and they were directed by Kenneth Uphopho (remember I wrote about him here).

The play, which takes about an hour and thirty minutes also featured a lot of dancing and body movement, and these actors did good. I left happy and seeking water to quench my thirst. And also with a copy of Mania Magazine, not to forget the boneless chicken and small chops I ate.

Thank you to these guys for this great show! I have to send apologies now to everyone I missed their stuff. (but it was worth it!)

And thank you Vivian and Rita, for everything. Appreciate you all big time!

Oh, and here are a few pictures I took with my phone’s camera! There are better pictures on the internet if you check



Patrick was describing the literal case of 'airing dirty laundry' in the public
Patrick was describing the literal case of ‘airing dirty laundry’ in the public.