Ultimate Relationship Goals: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Hello guys! What’s up? It’s a few minutes past 3 on a Friday morning and I’m listening to Darey’s ‘Pray for Me’ which is one of the best songs I discovered this week. I’m also going to be talking about relationships and relationship goals.

Why relationships? Well, I contribute to a website now and this week, I wrote on my favorite celebrity couples who I feel need to stay together  (because well, there’s the whole Hollywood I’m breaking up with you phase). Even Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner who we thought were lifetime goals ended it a few days back (and I hear they’re on a divorce retreat. What’s that? And what’s the concept behind that?).

Anyway, in course of my writing and looking though all the cute pictures on Instagram and having to make decisions for my article, it dawned on me that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the real MVPs. I mean, they’re not really everywhere but when they are, you have to recognize my people.

So I’ll be showing/giving you five top reasons I think they’re adorable and side tip, moral lesson from these.

  1. When they ordered pizza and stayed in doors all day (and Chrissy thought it wise to update us)

Relationship goals 94/100

It doesn’t get better than this. It’s like hey love, let’s spend some quality time alone! LIKE ALONE.

  1. When she posted of his derriere

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Relationship goals 84/100

I mean, seeing as Justin Bieber’s ass was trending topic at that time, Chrissy had to show off her man. Anything to show off that which is yours!

  1. The All of Me video

Relationship goals 100/100

You could tell love was in his eyes when he did this. And he didn’t need no vixen apart from the real one to show this in the video. 


  1. When they cook together

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Cooking class with el sensitivo

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Relationship goals 81/100

Chrissy has a food blog, and John is so bae he helps out in the kitchen amidst other things. Pretty sure why love abides, they add it to the meal haha! 


  1. When they do their PDA thing.

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John stole my fucking golden globes caption

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Good luck tonight @johnlegend!!

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Relationship Goals 80/100

Not everyday sha. Chrissy no doubt looks like she loves the attention and John gives it to her all day, all the time. That’s why you hear kissing in public and all that

And honestly, every picture of Chrissy and John together is really goals!

Since we’re still talking about relationship goals, here is this picture for bae (that I don’t have currently, but I have faith)


I would go on and on gushing about this cute couple, but no. Head over to Chrissy’s Instagram to see for yourself


  • This week, I’ll be heading to my Alma mater for the annual valedictory service (as an Old boy and other things)
  • I’m going on a diet next week (because a friend suggested). Basically no sugar, no red meat and lots of water. Let’s see how it goes!
  • I’m having fresh fish pepper soup today after work and orijin (I really cannot wait)
  • I wrote about Fashion pieces that are making a comeback. Please read now
  • Also, if you sit on a chair for long hours like I do, you should read this piece on HuffPost
  • And yes, welcome to the new readers (I’m excited – noticed the site stats). Please don’t be a stranger. Subscribe to the posts and send me an email – mrfrankugo@gmail.com (THANK YOUUU)

That’s basically it for this week!

Peace, love and everything,


TedxUnilag + Afropolitan Vibes


Two days before this event, I checked on google what to wear to a Tedx event and read about some lady who bought a new dress and ended up not wearing it to the event. I was going to do native (thank God I didn’t) but at the last hour, I decided to wear a shirt I had received as a present from Shirts by Cynim Continue reading TedxUnilag + Afropolitan Vibes

5 Favorite Things This Week

I remember telling myself I was going to try to write on a weekly basis but sometimes, you say A and B happens. So here’s what I came up with, since I go through a lot on weekly basis, why don’t I try to be positive and tell you about my best things this week (some weeks, it might be worst things) but all the same, I get to express myself freely without any form of struggle humor or literary criticism.

This week for me, was quite stressful. Started out with a few hangouts and ended up with work. (And I was moved to a new office by the way) Anyway, in no particular order, here are my favorite things this week:
1. Scandal


So this week, I got everything about Scandal in my palms. I hadn’t been following it up, but now I was ready to. Despite my busy schedule at the office, I was able to watch all episodes of Scandal and damn, I’m impressed. (I actually can’t wait for more, Shonda). First, I miss Harrison but anyway, I love that Aby and Quinn have more serious things doing. They used to be basically Olivia’s puppets all along. Then, I think I love Olitz rekindling (even though Olivia needs to stop that unnecessary serenre sometimes). I also love Cyrus and his new lover (they’re so cute!) And damn, Rowan Pope is the devil himself.

2. Tabula Rasa


I like to say without mincing words that Brymo’s album is the best album of 2014. Best because probably I wasn’t expecting such from him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he can’t deliver or something. This album is the perfect mix of everything for me and at least, I play once a day just because I can. My favorite song is track 4, ‘Dear Child’

3. The guys at Stand to End Rape (STER)

tWHm-mMz index

I totally enjoy my time hanging out (meeting) with the guys at STER. The last time, we went out to buy food and it was so funny because I actually just found out there was something sexual about ponmo. Like I was like, “Is your ponmo soft” and Ayodeji, Lade and Dasola pounced at me. I hope we get to hang out more! Oh, Olaomo and IJ are very cool people too (Before they slay me for not mentioning them)
In case you were wondering, Stand to End Rape Initiative is a non-profit organization which I volunteered for. As the name implies, we’re standing to end rape and we’re calling on everyone to join us in this cause.
4. These Words Expose Us: The Naked Convos Anthology


I’ll probably do a proper review later on before the TNC event which holds on 21st December (I think) but for now, this should work. The book is amazing! The speed at which I finished it was alarming to me also. I loved the cover art by Tokunbo and I must commend the editing by Wole Talabi. A lot of great writers penned down in the book, so you should probably get yours and read. I must also famz that I talk to a few of these writers, and I will get autographs. My favorite story is ‘The Thing with Mr Lawal’ by Pemi Aguda. There’s something about that story, that made me love her. I had to actually search and read through her stuffs on BellaNaija. She’s good people!


5. Leopard People


If you’ve read ‘Akata Witch’ by Nnedi Okoroafor, ‘Leopard People’ shouldn’t be a new word. But it means way more, because my book club goes by the same name. We had a meet up at Coldstone on Sunday and it was fun talking over beautiful cupcakes (which I managed to get home), ice-cream, drinks and glasses (yes, when I uploaded a picture on Instagram, someone said almost all of us had glasses.) We also had a book exchange and it was fun and we hope to do it again next month.

Peace, love and whatever you wish for!