During the holidays, I got to see the highly talked about “Fifty” movie and I share my thoughts with you about the movie. Now, if you haven’t watched it, you can close the page right now but if like me, spoilers don’t do anything to you, proceed.


I saw the movie at Ozone Cinemas in Yaba and I was pretty excited to see it. Got to the cinema some minutes after 3, when the movie was supposed to have started, got popcorn and a bottle of coke to accompany me through the movie (Now, Ozone Cinemas has undergone a massive facelift. The cinema looks so good right now. In short, the E-Centre itself kinda looks better now really)


The Story

According to the plot summary on IMDB, Fifty captures a few pivotal days in the lives of four Nigerian women at the peak of their careers. Meet Tola, Elizabeth, Maria and Kate, four friends forced at midlife to take inventory of their personal lives, while juggling careers and family against the sprawling backdrops of the upper-middle-class neighborhoods of Ikoyi and Victoria Island in Lagos. They live and work in the resurgent, ever-bustling, 24-hour megacity of Lagos, the commercial capital of Africa’s biggest and most vibrant economy. Tola is a reality TV star whose marriage to lawyer Kunle never stood a chance thanks to an invidious family secret. Elizabeth is a celebrated obstetrician whose penchant for younger men has estranged her from her daughter. Forty-nine-year-old Maria has an affair with a married man that results in an unexpected pregnancy and Kate’s battle with a life-threatening illness has plunged her into a religious obsession. In this tender but unflinching exploration of love and lust, power and rivalry, life and loss in twenty-first century Africa’s most populous city, and to the pulsating beat of the compelling and entrancing grooves of African music, we see our four lead characters’ muster courage, put on their six inch heels, working hard and partying to, and strut confidently to tackle life’s curveballs head on.



Cast and Acting

  • Iretiola Doyle as Elizabeth
  • Dakore Akande as Tola
  • Nse Ikpe Etim as Kate
  • Omoni Oboli as Maria
  • Wale Ojo as Kunle
  • Kemi Lala Akindoju as Chichi
  • Kachi Nnochiri as Chike

Others include:

  • Timini Egbuson
  • Emmanuel Ikubese
  • Uzor Osimpa

The casting was done by Tope Oshin Ogun and Mo Abudu and I must really commend the duo for a job well done. Every character was well portrayed by the team of amazing actors they had on this project. The lead characters were all in character and the supporting cast did not fail. I must commend Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju – I really didn’t see her doing something like this, but she did it and nailed it perfectly. Then, I really loved seeing Timini Egbuson and his sister, Dakore together (was emotional towards the end when the big secret was revealed). I also got to see an amazing side of Kachi Nnochiri. I remember he won some acting show back then, but I hadn’t seen him in anything major but he was really good if you ask me.


Things I Liked

  • Kemi Akindoju playing the maid – I’m a fan of Kemi Akindoju and seeing her as a maid, at first, was somehow kinda but she nailed it! From subbing her boss lyrically to delivering great one-liners, Kemi did well with the role.
  • Diction – Lovely lovely pronunciations.
  • Timini and Dakore acting – I don’t know either of them but I really felt happy seeing them act together. Timini was good. It was my first time seeing him act and then Dakore had the perfect face to every situation she found herself in, which was good seeing as she had to switch through a lot.
  • The sex scene – The more reason you have to see this movie (if you haven’t). The sex scene was there and actually live for everyone who cared to see. #NoRestrictionsWhatsoever. Plus, the intense romance in the movie made me really happy!
  • “I don’t do little boys” – When Omoni Oboli said this, I started laughing for some weird reason. It was really hilarious to me!
  • Incorporation of the LFDW and the African shrine scene – I love how the movie sold Lagos to the world. There were bits from the Lagos Fashion and Design Week and, even more, scenes from the shrine with women in colorful outfits wriggling their waists.
  • The music – The music was great too. Loved the live performances also.

Things I Didn’t Like


  • The Storyline – When the movie ended, I was actually quite surprised. I think the story was average. I lack the right words right now, so I’ll say it was average.
  • The Lekki/Ikoyi bridge – Now I love the bridge so much that I refer to it as the highway to heaven, but I noticed the constant repetition and I think there are a lot of beautiful locations in Lagos
  • Nse Ikpe Etim’s prayers at the beginning – Now I have thought this over and the only thing that comes to mind is that Nse who is the overly religious woman was switching churches. Because who goes to a Pentecostal church and returns back to a Catholic altar? And ven if that is true, then it’s only fair to do your research properly as Catholics say “in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit” just before and after the prayers. Not in between the prayers.


Favorite Lines

  • “Happy twentieth anniversary of your thirtieth birthday” (Loved this)


To cap it up, I’ll say the beauty of Fifty is in the acting and not anywhere close to the storyline. I haven’t seen the Desperate Housewives of Africa but somehow, I think this would have made a very good TV show if the plot was thickened more.


Rating: 5.8