Random Titbits on a Wednesday Morning

  • I’m thinking of leaving a full time job I have for an internship in a field I enjoy
  • I’m now extra careful about what I say because I fear there’s a CCTV camera monitoring (thank you Emily Thorne from Revenge)
  • I need a new phone
  • I want a MacBook
  • I need a holiday
  • I love coffee way too much
  • I’m already thinking of plans for my next birthday in February (Quick clue: There’s a birthday hashtag)
  • I’m hungry
  • Online shopping sites need to do much better with customer service
  • I’m trying out shea butter whipped with honey on my skin
  • Harvey Specter has a lot of similarities with Archer Sterling
  • I’m still praying for dreams to come through
  • I need a new wardrobe
  • I love most of the articles on Zikoko
  • Eye Service kills me all the damn time
  • I cannot remember when last I made a diary entry
  • Quick Tip, friends: Never yell on me over the phone.
  • I want a lover to sing ‘The Latest’ by Runtown to
  • Patoranking’s dance in ‘My Woman, My Everything’ is actually everything
  • Can’t wait for this NYSC thing to be done with
  • NYSC post me to Calabar
  • Victoria Grayson is actually Victoria Grayson in real life!
  • Does anyone watch Borgia? I’m thinking of starting, not sure!
  • I’ve been writing here for quite a while
  • I’m willing to try out new opportunities, so far it’s within my horizon



(May update this if I have more thoughts)