June 2015

Hello guys, what’s up? Happy new month and welcome to the second quarter of the year. Make it work for you (Of course, I wish you the very best). June was a very challenging month for me really but hey, it’s gone. I’ll be sharing my favorite things from June and I really hope I get to recall a good number of them

TV Shows and Movies

Last month, I watched a lot of TV and movies. These were the things I did after work mostly and I must tell you, a lot of them were good. I watched Empire and How to Get Away with Murder (can’t wait for the sequels to these). There was also Game of Thrones which I wrote reviews for weekly on this blog and then, Gidi Up and Lekki Wives. Gidi Up was so good, I’m surprised it took me so long to see it (PS- Ikechukwu needs to concentrate on that acting career) and for Lekki Wives, it’s hilarious. I’m done with the first season and I hear there’s 2 and 3 (how to find these will be the big problem). There was also Alicia Florrick serving major goodness on The Good Wife and Jess from New Girl occasionally.

For movies, I’m not sure I have an accurate record of the movies I saw (They bore me most times now). But I know I saw Jupiter Ascending (liked the fact there was Channing Tatum in it). There was also 13 Lies too, lovely scary movie. Not to forget October 1st by Kunle Afolayan, the message behind the movie may have been mixed up but it was a good one! I also saw Brave, a 30 minutes video on YouTube featuring Adesua Etomi and King Wale Ojo. Very impressive!

Blogs, Tumblr and Instagram

I like to read and cyber stalk people (I mean this in a good way). The guys at Nik Nak are one of my favorite people on the internet (I am a big Pemi Aguda fan). I also love to read Lade’s blog and Black Fabulousity by Kachi and Uche. There’s also 10 and 5, a website that celebrates South African arts, love it! I follow Color the Future on Tumblr and they profile young artistes, really nice that there’s something of that sort. Also, there’s Ukpuru on Tumblr, awesome page!! I also loved this article on Ekene’s blog (you should read it!)

Yagazie Emezi’s Instagram is one of my favorite things, she takes amazing pictures (like Solange has it, she be taking amazing pictures unless she’s in them). Then, of course there’s Stylevitae on Instagram (I’m there for all the Lagos socialites and what they’re up to).

Music and Music Videos

As I write, Simi’s ‘Jamb Question’ is playing (and I can hear the dope beats because I use my Skullcandy earbuds I got as a prise, duh!) and the video is beautiful, just in case you’re still sleeping under a rock or something. Olamide’s ‘Bobo’ is the jam of the moment and I am practicing the dance steps for the next time I’m in public and hear the song. Tonye’s ‘Ari Belema’ is so beautiful; I can’t wait to see the video. I’m still suck on Asa’s ‘Bed of Stone’ album and Sia’s ‘1000 Forms of Fear’ album. They’re there for me always.

Places and Events

I was indoors for a better part last month. Major places I visited were the Lekki Beach which I wrote about here and Single in Gidi which I wrote about here. Speaking about Single in Gidi, I made a video of Bez Idakula singing (Watch here) and I’ll share with you some actual things I found funny about the stage play (couldn’t share earlier, because the play was still showing)

Ways to detect if He’s a Lagos Big Boy

  • He believes in packaging

  • He is a hustler – either he’s chasing one contract or the other or knows someone who knows someone

  • He is a spender

  • He is an event animal – attends all the big events in Lagos

  • He wants to know what you can do and how you can be of help

  • He is a KC boy

  • He doesn’t want liabilities – no young ones, no parents

  • He thinks the mainland is too far

  • He always showers you with gifts

  • He will show you off

(I missed out the last one, but I mean, if you fit 70% description, congratulations! You’re a Lagos big boy)


I haven’t finished any books this month. I think I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger last month or two months ago (not sure lol). My iPad’s screen is cracked and then the charger is bad too. Hopefully, when I fix those, I’ll continue reading my e-books.

In conclusion, July will be better hopefully. Got an email last week from a reader here and I appreciate, thank you very much! Also if you read here, I told you I kinda had big news I wanted to share. Okay, yes, I’m currently a contributor to a lifestyle and fashion website (Read here so yes, patronize me and go to the site to check what’s up. Meanwhile, if you think there’s anything I should check out (movies, books, music, places, websites etc.) please leave a comment, I’m open to suggestions

Peace, love and everything you wish for


Young grasshopper!!

And you can read about everything I wrote in June here

Weekend Vibes: Single in Gidi and New Stuff I Learnt This Week

Cheers to the freaking weekend! Yes, I’ll drink to that.

What’s up people? How far na? I have so many things in my head to write but time, work and laziness won’t let me be. Anyway, I’ll try to fix all this weekend hopefully (as I have no plans).

Last weekend,  I saw a stage play at TerraKulture titled ‘Single in Gidi’. It was a stage adaptation of discussions and a lot more happening on the Single in Gidi blog curated by Miss Gidi. There were topics ranging from dating, relationship and love and and I tell you it was an amazing play! It was directed by Kenneth Uphopho, produced by Lydia Sobogun and featured the likes of Omoye Uzamere, Meg Otanwa, Leelee Byoma, Timi Charles Fadipe, Austine Onuoha and Tosin Oguntayo.

I also saw the beautiful Titilope Sonuga from Gidi Up, Wale Adetula of the Naked Convos and there was musician and songwriter, Bez Idakula and his pretty wife. (Bez even gave us special rendition of some of his songs, amazing stuff). The stage play covered topics rangng from aso-ebi, to the hidden truth behind jogging on the Lekkki Bridge, to weddings and single-married relationships. You should go see it this Sunday (it’s the final viewing) by 3pm and 6pm. Tickets are available at the venue.

This week, I learnt/ re-discovered some new stuff which I’ll share with you

  1. Sleepwalking is a real thing – Came back home after work on Friday last week and I had to prepare a power point presentation for Saturday morning. Slept off early and forgot where I kept my laptop. Next morning, I was looking for the laptop and you won’t believe where I found it later.
  1. Eargasms are a real thing – Basic headphones/headsets/earbuds are shit. Believe me when I say so. These new ones I got recently are the real deal. I feel the background beats and it’s so beautiful. Always so beautiful
  1. Dancing is a stress remover – This week has been real hectic at the office. Hectic that I have considered resigning and just relaxing (I’m not). But to ease off the stress, I have taken consolation in dancing. I just come home and dance. (Quick tip: I think it’s better when you’re naked)
  1. Don’t check movie ratings before watching – No seriously stop it! People who comment on the internet about movies are real rude movie buffs that can make you even hate the movie before watching. So just watch whatever you want to watch and then give your views later, in the future or whenever you decide to.
  1. Sleep early – Yes, I started this week to sleep early and its fun. Really it is, I sleep early and wake up say 2, watch movies till 4 and then enjoy the best part of the morning sleep. Awesome stuff

Until then,

Peace, love and everything you wish for!