April 2016

We’re in May guys! Like wasn’t it just January a few days ago? It proves one thing – the year isn’t waiting for you so go out and get what you want to get really. Always better for you. That being said, Happy New Month! May this month bring you all the good heart desires you have. With every new month, I come to talk about the past month and just drop one or two things here about the month and so I proceed.



TV Shows and Movies

TV Shows and Movies


As usual, TV shows are still key in my life right now and I spend about 30-40% of my time watching them. Currently, I’m following up on just Jane the Virgin, Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones on a weekly basis. I think the writers on Jane the Virgin need to do much better really. The show is just blah and all over the place right now. I’m not particularly one of those people who like to leave shows halfway and that’s why I’m still following ardently. But they’ve lost me in real life. Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t really have any wow factor for me right now. It’s like it goes down with every weekly episode. Much work really, more plot twists. Game of Thrones still has about eight episodes to go so let’s see what they have. But Jon Snow is still alive and so all is well. I don’t like what’s happening to Arya but she’ll be fine.

I watched other shows this month like American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson and I must commend the writers. That show was amazing and it kept me on the edge of my bed for as long as I watched. I insist OJ was indeed guilty but the odds were in his favour – almost every piece of evidence against him had some solid plot twist attached honestly. I’m still on Suits Season 5 and I cannot fully comprehend that Donna left Harvey really. Not to forget that I re-watched Devious Maids and I cannot wait for the new season later this year.



TV Shows and Movies (1)


I’m here for Beyonce’s Lemonade album. It’s a beautiful album to say but the least – the songs and the visuals. Top five on the album are Hold Up, Daddy’s Lessons, Don’t Hurt Yourself, All Night and Freedom. I think it was a far better album than Beyonce and I had no doubts accepting it, unlike her self-titled album. I also paid for Apple Music so I’ve been in music heaven. It was a mistake but it was one I enjoyed making. I bumped TLOP, Views and Anti and favourites from these are Famous, One Dance and Love on The Brain in that order. Still listening to them. I have like 1001 new songs I enjoyed but I’ll stop here. On the local scene, I really like Mama by Kiss Daniel, Kolewerk by Koker and Oluwa Ni by Reekado Banks (first song of his I really like). Tiwa’s video to ‘If I Start To Talk’ is pure art. You should see it really.


Blogs, Tumblr, and Instagram

TV Shows and Movies (3)

My favorite blog may just be The Alaroro. I really like the cool images she makes on her blog and you should read it if you don’t. My tumblr is filled with black people and I really like it because they talk about the things that affect me most times. Instagram, nothing extra really



TV Shows and Movies (2)

So I was in Lagos for a good part of April and I kept cancelling everything I was going to attend. However, I was at the Open House Lagos event for a day and I must say, Lagos is real pretty. One of our stops was Bogobiri and I got a shirt at the stall there. I was also at Asa’s concert and I was so mad my phone died. My iPhone 5c battery is bad and man is broke for now. But it was beautiful. One of my favorite people, Kaline was also there and it was worth it.


Not to forget that I went window shopping and came out of the shop with two bags filled up with clothes. So let me tell you quickly about it. I and a friend agreed to see Batman vs Superman (I think) at Ikeja City Mall for Easter. We got there and he was running late. Battery died (my phone keeps messing with me) and then I couldn’t find anywhere around to charge my phone. So I waited for a while, went downstairs to eat pizza and ended up window shopping. AND MY CARD WAS WITH ME! The rest is history. I’m trying to invest in things I can wear with other things though so it wasn’t a waste.



TV Shows and Movies (4)

I read Trafficked by Akachi Adimora Ezeigbo and it was quite engaging. I didn’t like the way it ended, but well, there’s a reason for it. I also re-read We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. You should read it really! Currently,I’m reading Odufa by Othuke Ominiabohs. (I made notes for CNA’s book so hopefully, I’d share that soonest)


Until then,





#NYSCTales: Another catching up!

I think it’s due time for another update about service year so yeah, let’s dive into it.

It’s been about four months since I resumed here and I’d say I like this place. I like that I’m staying alone. There’s freedom. I wake up when I want to, throw my clothes wherever, eat in small portions and complain about how noodles and cereal are my typical go-to-food and just do things my way. It’s fun. I have the constant power supply, quite steady WiFi connection, and good water supply so who knows? I may actually be applying for a job here after NYSC.


Lol, jokes abeg. I don’t think I want to remain here after NYSC. Don’t get me wrong, I love this place. I could really deal with it if I have to. But I know I have options. The social life for me here is dead. I’m not an overly social person. I like to go to places once in a while, feel the experience and all but here, all I do is stay indoors. The only time I go out is for PV signing to the local government secretariat and CDS at the corpers lodge near the police station. Oh, and there’s the monthly shopping at Akure with a driver from school. Normally, I go with someone else who wants to shop, so it’s not like I have the driver to myself or something. Apart from that, going to the mall (which I think is the only social place in town) is far and quite expensive. Not far but expensive. For some reason, they have endless cabs in this city and not direct straight buses. You would think that cabs are a good thing here but not when you’re sandwiched between people – two in the front seat and four at the back (I’ve always wondered why the police never charged them for overcrowding! ). So if I want to go to the mall, I’d take a bike to the junction, take a cab to FUTA gate, and then three more cabs to see a movie for 600 naira. Mind you, the transport fare is approximately the same price of the movie. I don’t have a lot of people here so please I’m fine at home. I have the Internet and power, so I don’t feel I miss out on a lot.


The guys from Batch A passed out last week and honestly, seeing them made me want to leave this place back to Lagos. I miss Lagos. Temidollface performed at Afropolitan Vibes last week. Just look at the things I’m missing out. Hopefully, when I’m rounding up, Lagos will sort their power supply because I heard it’s quite bad. Not asking for so much but power to charge my laptop and phones between 10pm and whenever I decide to fall asleep.


I’ve been thinking about what I want to do after service year and I’m happy I have some options. I’m still looking out for scholarships abroad – preferably in Microbiology or Biotechnology and if my science dream doesn’t work out, I may take a course in Journalism or Media. A study adviser called me the other day and it was so weird when I told him my options. He just went all “but these are different faculties”. Lol.  
But just in case, I don’t get the scholarship, I’m looking for opportunities in radio and TV (radio first because we’re still slightly behind on the other). I also look out for more online publishing and social media roles. I hope I’m lucky enough to have dreams come true.


Nothing exceptional happens at CDs meetings and PV signing apart from a group of corpers together because they’re asked to come together.  And I was made the publicity secretary recently so hopefully there’ll be more to tell you about that.


Until later,

March 2016

Hello, guys! Happy New Month to you all. As usual, I pray this month brings you the very best it has to offer. As it is the normal tradition here, I’m sharing titbits of what went down in the month of March. Generally, March was a good month just as the other months of the year have been. It marks the end of the first quarter of the year – how time flies really.


Movies and TV Shows

TV Shows and Movies

I think I’m slowly getting a hang of my love for television shows again. I’ve been doing a lot of watching, mostly after long hours at work and it’s been fun. Because they’re quite much, I’ll just list them out and say one thing I feel about them

Grey’s Anatomy: Somehow I’m still interested in knowing what happens here even after 11 seasons. So yeah, great job to Shonda for keeping the attention game. I’m not the biggest fan of Meredith’s new love interest and I don’t like Amelia Shepherd. If I had to kill someone on the show, it would be Catherine Avery. Last but not the least, I don’t think I like Penny being on the show. I love Alex Karev even more now and I feel bad for Jo Wilson.

Shades of Blue: A lot of people have called this show a bad show and one review I saw said “it’s the type of show you ask your enemies to watch” but I’m still liking it. I’m just looking forward to Jennifer Lopez and the secret guy she’s working with to hook up. I don’t think it would survive a second season, though. Looks like something that wouldn’t make sense if they don’t drag the storyline.

Sense8: After seeing a review on how good this show was, I decided to watch. The first three/four episodes were very confusing because I tried to place and place things together but it didn’t work. But when I got past these, I loved it! My favourite sensates are Lito, Capheus, Kala and Wolfgang. I still insist Sia would have made a good pick for the DJ girl and I don’t like the trans girl but I think her girlfriend is really hot. Oh, and did I mention the sex scenes/make-out scenes are so beautiful to look out? Not to forget the fact that the introductory montage is great. I also like the fact that the bad sensate looks like a good guy and vice versa.

2 Broke Girls: Love this show. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. For me, Max, Earl, Oleg, Sophie and Caroline. Ascending order of hilarity.

Jane the Virgin: Still #TeamRafeal but I feel this show is slowly losing it. I don’t know if they’ll come back. I’m just watching really to know who gets Jane in the long run and from the look of things, Michael is leading. I saw something that said they need to introduce a new love interest and that was what I thought Jane’s professor was till they kinda lost him. Hopefully, they make a big comeback for me.

Da Vinci Demons: I just started this. Two episodes in and I really like it. I like that Da Vinci is quirky and I like the premise. Hopefully, it stays the same when I decide to continue

How To Get Away with Murder: I keep saying this drama is fire because it just makes you look stupid. You have a plot or another plot and they just come and surprise you and you’re just like wow. The show is still good and I’m hoping they come back soonest!

The Voice Season 10: #TeamIngrid! I’m rooting for Ingrid



TV Shows and Movies (1)

Currently, I have quite a lot of new music that rocked my playlist in March

  • Reinfaltrator – Falana
  • You Suppose Know – Bez
  • Ferrari – Yemi Alade
  • Femi – Mosa
  • Gentleman – Ric Hassani
  • Grateful – Kaline
  • Sweetest Taboo – Sade
  • There’s A Fire – Bez
  • Drop in the Ocean – Omi
  • Bad Blood – Taylor Swift
  • All I Want is You – Banky W
  • Ginger Me Slowly – Somi
  • Omo Alhaji – Ycee

There are a lot of music videos obviously but I think you should see the following

  • School Your Face – Temidollface
  • Abule Sowo – Olamide
  • Soldier – Falz

There’s a long list but yes, here’s where I remember to



TV Shows and Movies (2)


I was in Lagos for my Easter break and I shared what I did and learnt while in Lagos here. I’m back to Ondo state and still in my apartment enjoying my space, peace and quiet.


TV Shows and Movies (4)

I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I’m currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth


Until next month,


Six Things I Learnt During The Easter Break

For the Easter break, I travelled back to Lagos to spend time with the family but more importantly, eat good food and stay away completely from the noodles and cereal life that seems to be my trademark here in Ondo state. Being a Catholic, you should know you don’t have an Easter break like everyone thinks. You just have days of going to church and then a few hours of rest in between. Anyway, during the course of my break, life gave me lemons and you be the judge of what I made of it. Here are a few things I learnt this Easter break Continue reading Six Things I Learnt During The Easter Break

February 2016

So I made a recording, uploaded it to Soundcloud and then deleted when I found out I made some pronunciation error. I wasn’t going to write this month, wanted to try recording what I had to say.

Now there’s a reason I wasn’t going to type. Not just because I wanted to try having a podcast or something like that. But because somehow, work has been a lot of writing these days and not saying I don’t enjoy work, but it gets tiring sometimes. But hey, I get paid and I have sworn not to forget monthly rounds/reviews so here I am.

Super late but happy new month! I’ll be sharing bits from select categories on how February went and trying at the same time not to divulge bits from the first nine days of March. Let’s see how that goes.

TV Shows and Movies

TV Shows and Movies

I’ve continued my love life with Jane the Virgin and How To Get Away With Murder. The drama on the former has me keenly interested while the latter, well I’m still here. I like how things never go according to my plan on HTGAWM but I fear I might lose interest soon. I also started Grey’s Anatomy from beginning and now I’m on the ninth season. Great show! Happy to see that I haven’t lost interest in it. I also started watching Shades of Blue and Sense8.


Blogs, Tumblr, and Instagram

TV Shows and Movies (3)

I don’t think I have any particular blog I enjoy reading now. I contribute to these ones here, here and here so check them out and see what’s happening there. Lost interest slightly in Tumblr and Instagram so there hasn’t been so much for me there.


Music and Music Videos

TV Shows and Movies (1)

I’m still bumping Sia and Rihanna’s albums. Favorites are ‘House on Fire’ and ‘Love on the Brain’ respectively. Meghan Trainor’s album is also impressive! Other songs I enjoyed last month include

  • Blue Bayou – Linda Ronstadt
  • Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman
  • Omo Alhaji – Ycee
  • Ginger Me Slowly – Somi


Places and Events

TV Shows and Movies (2)

I visited Erin Ijesha last month and I shared pictures and all details here. As I said last month, not so much of going out.



TV Shows and Movies (4)

Haha, work and TV shows have gotten in the way of this.


And it was my birthday in February, thank you for the wishes and the ones who got me something off my wishlist, thank you!!


Until next month,



#NYSCTales: A little catching up!

I recalled saying I was going to document bits of my service year here and started a hashtag and I’m sure those of you who read my blog are used to me starting things and not being continuous about it. Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about the camp experiences. I may not write about it here because I heard there’s a lawsuit for people who disclose such experiences to the press and all and I’m not trying to. However, there was nothing stated about disclosing what’s happening with your service year so I guess that’s what I’ll be talking about.

So if you’re just catching up with this, I got posted to Elizade University in Ilara-Mokin, Ondo state. A little detail here and there, shall we?

Elizade is owned by Chief Michael Ade-Ojo (google his name) and Ilara-Mokin, his hometown is a few minutes from the capital city, Akure.

Anyway, my friend’s mum works here so I’ll say I didn’t go through a lot of issues. I lived with her for a few days and then moved into my apartment, all free for me sometime in January.

Currently, I work as a secretary to the Head of Department who I’ll like to completely leave out of this discussion because I may not have the nicest things to say about him. He doesn’t stress me really, and so I like to think of him as an ‘okay’ guy. In addition to that, I’m assisting a lecturer with the first year students and the second year students. I get to mark scripts and practical manuals and give tests and all that lecturer things.

Elizade Golf Course, Ilara-Mokin

Now being a lecturer is quite the fun experience, I work from 8 down to 5. I don’t feel it though because there’s free WiFi and within this period, I may only be working for like an hour, maximum of two to be honest. So I just have to sit down in my office (yes, I have an official office that says “secretary to xxxxx” where xxxx is the department I work at). However, my problem is that most of these students look bigger than me. LOL! And they’re really rude and ill mannered – a very large majority of them to be quite honest. Let me share one or two experiences with you

So I went to invigilate an exam the other day and when I walked in, a 400L student started laughing. To be honest, I ensure I’m extra careful with what I wear whenever I have to lecture or invigilate their exams (I even stopped going to their student chapel because virtually everyone is a slayer) I didn’t ask her why she was laughing but I made sure I didn’t smile with anyone of them. Ordinarily, I may have let some things slide but nah, I was 100% strict with them. I’m pretty sure she was like “How is this one coming to invigilate us?”. Another guy in the hall kept on looking at me non-stop and he probably had 1001 questions. They’ll be fine.

But really, they speak back to their lecturers in manners that I wouldn’t have dared to during my four years at the university. I was at a drama rehearsal sometime last month and a boy said he wouldn’t go on stage without his pair of flip-flops and the lecturer let it slide. The other day, the lecturer I assisted with her course was giving a warm-up quiz to the students in preparation for exams and they started grumbling about the length of the quiz. I cannot deal. If I had total absolute control of the class, a lot of people would have failed.

Plus, they do this thing where when people fail, they sit down and get taught during the holidays. I think it’s a legit reason for more people not to take their lectures seriously. They obviously know that they’ll have opportunities to come back and retake exams (which I believe may be much simpler for them to scale through)

Apart from the students, I think I’m fine. The university is beautiful, very conducive for anyone who’s willing to learn theoretically and practically. I won’t say they have very great social lifestyle – things that create room for interaction between students outside their hostels and lecture rooms but they’re getting there.

So after work, I go to my apartment in the staff quarters. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi doesn’t extend here. So most times, I stay back at work because I have some work to do online, or for days when my online classes happen. Apart from that, I go home, make something to eat and sleep. My apartment is all stocked up now unlike earlier last month when I was practically on a Cabin biscuit, garri and Golden morn diet. All is well!

I haven’t been able to go out – like out since I got here. I’m normally trapped in because I have no friends and I don’t think I’m ready to leave this village to town to see movies alone. I go grocery shopping when the drivers are sent into town and buy all monthly needs and that’s all. Until maybe I make new friends. Amen




Weekend Vibes: Erin Ijesha Water Falls

Hey guys! So I finally left my house on a weekend to somewhere that wasn’t my office. I got a flier last week when I was at the university cafeteria – one that said that the science student’s association were having their annual science week and part of the programmes listed included a trip to Erin Ijesha Waterfalls in Osun state.

Being the lover of nature that I am, I joined one of the lecturers assigned to go there and I had fun. The Erin Ijesha Waterfalls is in Osun state as I said earlier and we got to climb to reach the falls. That may be the highest I’ll ever climb in my life. With the place being a tourist attraction and all, I was expecting a better feel for the whole thing. The road leading to the site was very bad and the place itself didn’t look welcoming from the entrance.

We were charged N500 per head and I have to ask: where does all the money go to? 

There was also no tour guide and all, so I don’t see any staff they’re employing apart from the gatekeeper/sales person. Anyway, enjoy the pictures (and my birthday is on Friday – look at my wishlist here)


Staircase leading up to the main staircase
Confused me for a bit. Is it Olumirin Water Falls or Erin Ijesha Water Falls
More staircases (This one is still very okay)
There were a few art pieces at the entrance. Not sure if this was a stool or a talking drum.
First fall. There are seven falls in number
Staircase leads to the second fall
First Fall: View from afar
LOL People were taking food beyond this point though
Second Fall
This was how we climbed to get to the second fall – holding stones and sticks etc
Third Fall













Why am I opening my mouth?
Why am I opening my mouth?




Made three short videos for Instagram. You can follow me here to see them

Now if you have to go to Erin Ijesha, ensure you eat before going and take water with you when climbing – at least two bottles and if you can’t climb, just balance and feel the chilled water rushing from the falls.