Strip at Rele

Yesterday, I went out to Rele for an art exhibition.


Let me start by saying I’ve always wanted to visit Rele after seeing the pictures being posted on social media. The art exhibition at Rele was tagged ‘Strip’

According to the information on Rele’s website, Strip seeks to showcase a collection of nudes in varying degrees by painters and photographers and thus amplify the body of conversation.

The purpose here is to strip bare, rediscover and reopen the discourse around the human form; to provoke keen engagement, investigation of anatomical information; to deconstruct myths and truths of power, shame, freedom, beauty (and more)- the different shades of attendant feelings that accompany an encounter with a naked body.

I went with Yewi and Roy and it was fun. I’ll let the pictures we took do the talking









Then of course, we had to take selfies


image4 image2

Then, we spoke to Reze Bonna, one of the photographers whose work was on display and he explained some of his pieces to us. He agreed to take this selfie with me too, cool guy!


We didn’t get a selfie with Kelechi Amadi Obi but he took his time, when he had it to tell us about the balance of the model in his piece. I also got to meet a whole lot of people. I should also learn to be observant seeing as I didn’t know the faces of most of the people who walked in, until Yewi told me and I’m like “oh xxx, the fashion blogger” “oh yyy,the musician”

The exhibition is still on till June 7th, so you can go over and see these pieces for yourself

Peace, love and a great week ahead!


TedxUnilag + Afropolitan Vibes


Two days before this event, I checked on google what to wear to a Tedx event and read about some lady who bought a new dress and ended up not wearing it to the event. I was going to do native (thank God I didn’t) but at the last hour, I decided to wear a shirt I had received as a present from Shirts by Cynim Continue reading TedxUnilag + Afropolitan Vibes