Let’s Talk About What We Get As “Customer Service” in Nigeria

So it’s been a lot of bants without rants on this site and I’m deciding to turn the table today and ranting or venting a little.

From the topic, it’s clear what we want to talk about today. Customer service.

Wikipedia defines customer service as

 the provision of service to customersbefore, during and after a purchase.

and goes on to add that

The perception of success of such interactions is dependent on employees “who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest”.


Summary of this long talk is that customer service is basically rendering services to customers before, during and AFTER a purchase. Get that? After a purchase.

Now, I like to think I believe in doing things the right way and maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been very unfortunate when it comes to customer service here in Nigeria. I’ll discuss a few scenarios

1. Telecom companies – So I heard this network provider was offering a data plan that was better than the one I used and so I decided to try it

*inserts na me fuck up meme*

So I paid for the plan and tried accessing the internet but to no avail. I called customer care and waited for more than ten minutes and eventually when someone picked the phone, she told me to get a book and a pen. I got this and then she hung up. I was so shocked that day. And that was how my money went, never got to use the data plan.


This is not the first time a telecom company is stressing me, but at least it’s the latest of the likes.


2. Manufacturing companies – This one is the latest of my customer service woes and still annoys me every time. In short, it’s annoying me because I’m typing on this laptop as we speak. So in December, I got a new laptop. That was after I resigned from my old job (I was using the company’s laptop at that point and so I didn’t feel the need to get a new one). I walked into Spar at Maryland and got a laptop (I will not reveal the brand but if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know). Sometime in June, laptop stops charging and I try to contact the brand via social media. It took like two days and a lot of tweets to have them to follow me (I work with social media so it’s a shock how public businesses like that still don’t  have their DMs open) And when I did, it took another two days before they replied me. Sent back another response and nobody has responded ever since then. But they tweet on a regular. So so confused.


3. Food companies – I just remembered this one. On one Saturday afternoon, I went to work (when I was still in Lagos) and then I ordered food from this eatery that has an online website. I sat in my office, waiting for food and then after an hour, I called and they said my food was on it’s way to me. One hour? Really bruh? Anyway, I was seriously hungry and I waited patiently. (Meanwhile, that was when I found out that their customer care line wasn’t free because my credit was taken). Thirty minutes after I made the call, I went to get something else to eat and I’m glad I did because these people never came. And then they emailed me four hours after saying whatever they said. Who does that? Really?


Anyway, that’s all the customer care drama I remember. Share your customer care wahala in the comments! I’ll love to read and more importantly, what do we do to curb this?

May 2016


With every new month that passes, I come to the realization that I may be failing at this online diary thing. And it’s actually sad because I think I know what I want to say but the strength to type is just the problem. But see, whenever I remember, I have to update and try to hope that one day I would be better at it.

That being said, welcome to June! Heck, it’s been ten days actually. June hasn’t been the best of months but this is a May review so let’s stick to plans!


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TV Shows and Movies


So a lot of shows I watch ended in May. Grey’s Anatomy ended and so did Jane the Virgin. The finales were good, I cannot remember what I thought about them really. But if you follow me on Twitter @FrankUgo_, I must have shared these at some point. Currently, I’m switching between Wayward Pines, Blackish, Billions and House of Cards. I watched Quantico too and it was good! I think there was a lot more that could have been done to give the show a premise for the next season but hay, I do not write for Quantico so it’s none of my business. Also, Ndani TV kicked off their shows in May. Not sure I’m hooked on the new one called ‘Rumour Has It’ but I’m here for ‘Skinny Girl in Transit’, when I remember to watch.


And Devious Maids is back. Adrian Powell is not dead.

Me when I found out:




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I’m listening to a lot of Sia and Halsey. I also got to know of Yuna and I’m feeling her! And my jam on repeat is Soweto Baby by DJ Maphorisa.



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When I’m not working, I’m reading Scoop Whoop and Huffington Post. I’m addicted to these sites now. Like everyday!




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I recently finished Maya Angelou’s autobiography. Such great books! I think my favorite was Mom & Me and Mom. I have great respect for her now! I’ve moved my focus to Helen Oyeyemi for this month. I’m reading her book ‘Mr Fox’


Going to try to make this more fun next month!

Until then,