#NYSCTales: Another catching up!

I think it’s due time for another update about service year so yeah, let’s dive into it.

It’s been about four months since I resumed here and I’d say I like this place. I like that I’m staying alone. There’s freedom. I wake up when I want to, throw my clothes wherever, eat in small portions and complain about how noodles and cereal are my typical go-to-food and just do things my way. It’s fun. I have the constant power supply, quite steady WiFi connection, and good water supply so who knows? I may actually be applying for a job here after NYSC.


Lol, jokes abeg. I don’t think I want to remain here after NYSC. Don’t get me wrong, I love this place. I could really deal with it if I have to. But I know I have options. The social life for me here is dead. I’m not an overly social person. I like to go to places once in a while, feel the experience and all but here, all I do is stay indoors. The only time I go out is for PV signing to the local government secretariat and CDS at the corpers lodge near the police station. Oh, and there’s the monthly shopping at Akure with a driver from school. Normally, I go with someone else who wants to shop, so it’s not like I have the driver to myself or something. Apart from that, going to the mall (which I think is the only social place in town) is far and quite expensive. Not far but expensive. For some reason, they have endless cabs in this city and not direct straight buses. You would think that cabs are a good thing here but not when you’re sandwiched between people – two in the front seat and four at the back (I’ve always wondered why the police never charged them for overcrowding! ). So if I want to go to the mall, I’d take a bike to the junction, take a cab to FUTA gate, and then three more cabs to see a movie for 600 naira. Mind you, the transport fare is approximately the same price of the movie. I don’t have a lot of people here so please I’m fine at home. I have the Internet and power, so I don’t feel I miss out on a lot.


The guys from Batch A passed out last week and honestly, seeing them made me want to leave this place back to Lagos. I miss Lagos. Temidollface performed at Afropolitan Vibes last week. Just look at the things I’m missing out. Hopefully, when I’m rounding up, Lagos will sort their power supply because I heard it’s quite bad. Not asking for so much but power to charge my laptop and phones between 10pm and whenever I decide to fall asleep.


I’ve been thinking about what I want to do after service year and I’m happy I have some options. I’m still looking out for scholarships abroad – preferably in Microbiology or Biotechnology and if my science dream doesn’t work out, I may take a course in Journalism or Media. A study adviser called me the other day and it was so weird when I told him my options. He just went all “but these are different faculties”. Lol.  
But just in case, I don’t get the scholarship, I’m looking for opportunities in radio and TV (radio first because we’re still slightly behind on the other). I also look out for more online publishing and social media roles. I hope I’m lucky enough to have dreams come true.


Nothing exceptional happens at CDs meetings and PV signing apart from a group of corpers together because they’re asked to come together.  And I was made the publicity secretary recently so hopefully there’ll be more to tell you about that.


Until later,