Six Things I Learnt During The Easter Break

For the Easter break, I travelled back to Lagos to spend time with the family but more importantly, eat good food and stay away completely from the noodles and cereal life that seems to be my trademark here in Ondo state. Being a Catholic, you should know you don’t have an Easter break like everyone thinks. You just have days of going to church and then a few hours of rest in between. Anyway, during the course of my break, life gave me lemons and you be the judge of what I made of it. Here are a few things I learnt this Easter break


1. Always go for weddings with a +1

1280x720-dm3A client and a friend of mine had her wedding over the weekend and I was invited, so I went. There was no way I could stay by her side all day because well, she’s the bride. This left me alone (I talk to myself when I’m alone a lot) until I found someone I knew. But really, always very necessary to go with a +1.


2. Never go to malls with ATM cards

ubaThis is two sided. On one side, there may be something very important you have to get or a cash emergency. On the other side, it’s impulse buying. The former is like 1% of case studies. I was going to see Batman vs Superman on Sunday so I went to the mall and while waiting for the friend I was supposed to see it with, I just went to look around at Shoprite and Mr. Price and I spent what I didn’t budget for. Safe to say I’m going to be punishing myself this month for the sins of Easter.


3. The best thing to do at the mall is watch escalators

paddington_bakerloo_line_escalatorsAs I said earlier, my friend had me waiting for a while on Sunday and so I helped myself to some Hans and Rene and stood in front of the mall when I was done watching people on escalators. I resisted the temptation to laugh at people who were shaking and even the ones that almost tumbled. If you’re ever less busy, this should forever be funny.


4. A little space is good

more-spaceFor about three months, I’ve been in Ondo state serving and I think my parents miss me a little. My waka waka has moved from “Can I go out” to “I am going out” which is absolutely amazing. I’m now the guy who doesn’t get yelled out and the one who’s the boss. Now that I think of it, I made a good call going to Ondo state. I’m at this point where I say to myself “You’re getting your freedom” as in the Zeta Project.



5. Never talk about sex with a hot friend

91qrjnhfl7l-_sl1500_So this holiday, I got talking with a friend about sex. I should tell you that this friend is quite a close one and basically tells me about escapades and everything happening. I, on the other hand, do not share. But somehow, we got talking about it this holiday and then, I had to resist the temptation to kiss this person. Cut the long story short, I sent this friend out of my room. And said friend didn’t even know I was leaving Lagos.


6. Never wear a black concert/work shirt to the mall

nyp20shirtSo on Sunday when my friend told me to come to the mall, I wore a shirt from a concert I didn’t attend but somehow, had it sent to me. It had the inscription on it and while I went window shopping (which eventually turned out to be actual shopping), someone touched me and wanted to know if the socks had a bigger size or something. Politely told him I wasn’t an attendant and he started apologising. Never going to wear it again. Who knows if the people in the mall thought I was a mall mascot or something?


Peace. Till later,


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3 thoughts on “Six Things I Learnt During The Easter Break”

  1. “Cut the long story short, I sent this friend out of my room.” <—— LOOOOL! That bad huh? True though, talking about sex with a hot friend does mess with your mind.
    I'll be serving later this year, I'm really looking to all that freedom. Hopefully, I get to serve somewhere far away from home.

    1. It was bad. I didn’t want to jeopardise what we had going on between us and somehow, I’m happy I didn’t. And yes, please serve far away from home. All the best!

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