February 2016

So I made a recording, uploaded it to Soundcloud and then deleted when I found out I made some pronunciation error. I wasn’t going to write this month, wanted to try recording what I had to say.

Now there’s a reason I wasn’t going to type. Not just because I wanted to try having a podcast or something like that. But because somehow, work has been a lot of writing these days and not saying I don’t enjoy work, but it gets tiring sometimes. But hey, I get paid and I have sworn not to forget monthly rounds/reviews so here I am.

Super late but happy new month! I’ll be sharing bits from select categories on how February went and trying at the same time not to divulge bits from the first nine days of March. Let’s see how that goes.

TV Shows and Movies

TV Shows and Movies

I’ve continued my love life with Jane the Virgin and How To Get Away With Murder. The drama on the former has me keenly interested while the latter, well I’m still here. I like how things never go according to my plan on HTGAWM but I fear I might lose interest soon. I also started Grey’s Anatomy from beginning and now I’m on the ninth season. Great show! Happy to see that I haven’t lost interest in it. I also started watching Shades of Blue and Sense8.


Blogs, Tumblr, and Instagram

TV Shows and Movies (3)

I don’t think I have any particular blog I enjoy reading now. I contribute to these ones here, here and here so check them out and see what’s happening there. Lost interest slightly in Tumblr and Instagram so there hasn’t been so much for me there.


Music and Music Videos

TV Shows and Movies (1)

I’m still bumping Sia and Rihanna’s albums. Favorites are ‘House on Fire’ and ‘Love on the Brain’ respectively. Meghan Trainor’s album is also impressive! Other songs I enjoyed last month include

  • Blue Bayou – Linda Ronstadt
  • Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman
  • Omo Alhaji – Ycee
  • Ginger Me Slowly – Somi


Places and Events

TV Shows and Movies (2)

I visited Erin Ijesha last month and I shared pictures and all details here. As I said last month, not so much of going out.



TV Shows and Movies (4)

Haha, work and TV shows have gotten in the way of this.


And it was my birthday in February, thank you for the wishes and the ones who got me something off my wishlist, thank you!!


Until next month,



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