#NYSCTales: A little catching up!

I recalled saying I was going to document bits of my service year here and started a hashtag and I’m sure those of you who read my blog are used to me starting things and not being continuous about it. Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about the camp experiences. I may not write about it here because I heard there’s a lawsuit for people who disclose such experiences to the press and all and I’m not trying to. However, there was nothing stated about disclosing what’s happening with your service year so I guess that’s what I’ll be talking about.

So if you’re just catching up with this, I got posted to Elizade University in Ilara-Mokin, Ondo state. A little detail here and there, shall we?

Elizade is owned by Chief Michael Ade-Ojo (google his name) and Ilara-Mokin, his hometown is a few minutes from the capital city, Akure.

Anyway, my friend’s mum works here so I’ll say I didn’t go through a lot of issues. I lived with her for a few days and then moved into my apartment, all free for me sometime in January.

Currently, I work as a secretary to the Head of Department who I’ll like to completely leave out of this discussion because I may not have the nicest things to say about him. He doesn’t stress me really, and so I like to think of him as an ‘okay’ guy. In addition to that, I’m assisting a lecturer with the first year students and the second year students. I get to mark scripts and practical manuals and give tests and all that lecturer things.

Elizade Golf Course, Ilara-Mokin

Now being a lecturer is quite the fun experience, I work from 8 down to 5. I don’t feel it though because there’s free WiFi and within this period, I may only be working for like an hour, maximum of two to be honest. So I just have to sit down in my office (yes, I have an official office that says “secretary to xxxxx” where xxxx is the department I work at). However, my problem is that most of these students look bigger than me. LOL! And they’re really rude and ill mannered – a very large majority of them to be quite honest. Let me share one or two experiences with you

So I went to invigilate an exam the other day and when I walked in, a 400L student started laughing. To be honest, I ensure I’m extra careful with what I wear whenever I have to lecture or invigilate their exams (I even stopped going to their student chapel because virtually everyone is a slayer) I didn’t ask her why she was laughing but I made sure I didn’t smile with anyone of them. Ordinarily, I may have let some things slide but nah, I was 100% strict with them. I’m pretty sure she was like “How is this one coming to invigilate us?”. Another guy in the hall kept on looking at me non-stop and he probably had 1001 questions. They’ll be fine.

But really, they speak back to their lecturers in manners that I wouldn’t have dared to during my four years at the university. I was at a drama rehearsal sometime last month and a boy said he wouldn’t go on stage without his pair of flip-flops and the lecturer let it slide. The other day, the lecturer I assisted with her course was giving a warm-up quiz to the students in preparation for exams and they started grumbling about the length of the quiz. I cannot deal. If I had total absolute control of the class, a lot of people would have failed.

Plus, they do this thing where when people fail, they sit down and get taught during the holidays. I think it’s a legit reason for more people not to take their lectures seriously. They obviously know that they’ll have opportunities to come back and retake exams (which I believe may be much simpler for them to scale through)

Apart from the students, I think I’m fine. The university is beautiful, very conducive for anyone who’s willing to learn theoretically and practically. I won’t say they have very great social lifestyle – things that create room for interaction between students outside their hostels and lecture rooms but they’re getting there.

So after work, I go to my apartment in the staff quarters. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi doesn’t extend here. So most times, I stay back at work because I have some work to do online, or for days when my online classes happen. Apart from that, I go home, make something to eat and sleep. My apartment is all stocked up now unlike earlier last month when I was practically on a Cabin biscuit, garri and Golden morn diet. All is well!

I haven’t been able to go out – like out since I got here. I’m normally trapped in because I have no friends and I don’t think I’m ready to leave this village to town to see movies alone. I go grocery shopping when the drivers are sent into town and buy all monthly needs and that’s all. Until maybe I make new friends. Amen





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