Weekend Vibes: Erin Ijesha Water Falls

Hey guys! So I finally left my house on a weekend to somewhere that wasn’t my office. I got a flier last week when I was at the university cafeteria – one that said that the science student’s association were having their annual science week and part of the programmes listed included a trip to Erin Ijesha Waterfalls in Osun state.

Being the lover of nature that I am, I joined one of the lecturers assigned to go there and I had fun. The Erin Ijesha Waterfalls is in Osun state as I said earlier and we got to climb to reach the falls. That may be the highest I’ll ever climb in my life. With the place being a tourist attraction and all, I was expecting a better feel for the whole thing. The road leading to the site was very bad and the place itself didn’t look welcoming from the entrance.

We were charged N500 per head and I have to ask: where does all the money go to? 

There was also no tour guide and all, so I don’t see any staff they’re employing apart from the gatekeeper/sales person. Anyway, enjoy the pictures (and my birthday is on Friday – look at my wishlist here)


Staircase leading up to the main staircase
Confused me for a bit. Is it Olumirin Water Falls or Erin Ijesha Water Falls
More staircases (This one is still very okay)
There were a few art pieces at the entrance. Not sure if this was a stool or a talking drum.
First fall. There are seven falls in number
Staircase leads to the second fall
First Fall: View from afar
LOL People were taking food beyond this point though
Second Fall
This was how we climbed to get to the second fall – holding stones and sticks etc
Third Fall













Why am I opening my mouth?
Why am I opening my mouth?




Made three short videos for Instagram. You can follow me here to see them

Now if you have to go to Erin Ijesha, ensure you eat before going and take water with you when climbing – at least two bottles and if you can’t climb, just balance and feel the chilled water rushing from the falls.




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3 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes: Erin Ijesha Water Falls”

  1. Planned taking a road trip there with my colleagues, but from what you’ve shown, I should expect hospitality-2, scenery and nature- 8, cultural education- 0 (since there’s no tour guide). Did you go to this ‘tourist’ site on a Sunday? That might explain it (even though I haven’t heard of a ‘tourist’ site that closes on Sunday. Anyway give your overall score, and do you need twenty people to have fun there or three persons is just fine?

    1. Hello! I went on a Saturday. For hospitality, it’s definitely not so good. Scenery is everything. When I went, there was a man by the stairs selling a piece of paper which had a few details on the place so yeah maybe something for cultural education. I think with 3 people or even with 20, you’ll have fun!

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