5 Favorite Things This Week

Hello guys! Peace and love to you all. How have you guys been doing? I’ve been okay, somewhere in Ilara-Mokin, Ondo state where I’m serving my nation. Today, I’m going to be telling you about my favourite things this week. From what I wrote here on the blog back then

I remember telling myself I was going to try to write on a weekly basis but sometimes, you say A and B happens. So here’s what I came up with, since I go through a lot on weekly basis, why don’t I try to be positive and tell you about my best things this week (some weeks, it might be worst things) but all the same, I get to express myself freely without any form of struggle humour or literary criticism.


I do a lot of reading on the internet and cyber stalking (in a good way always) and I’m prone to discovering new amazing stuff. So in no particular order, here’s mine this week

  1. The Ellen Show


I’m not one to keep tabs on a talk show but watching Ellen’s show is probably going to be the beginning of it all. I subscribed to her YouTube channel and I have been catching up on a lot of amazing moments from the show. From her favourite games, to the giveaways she has on her show, to the amazing celebrity guests and the cute, interesting kids she has. Really, I think you should be keeping tabs on her if you’re not. Best thing about her, she doesn’t struggle with her comedy.

  1. Revenge


So this week, I sent the Revenge videos on my laptop to the recycle bin. I’m super late (I’m always late when it comes to discovering amazing series), but better late than never really. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show and I kind of liked how it ended – Victoria died, Emily and Jack got married while Nolan got a new friend to work with. I think the series was dragged really. Victoria’s late death didn’t really make it feel so good you know? But their spin for keeping her alive was a good tale nevertheless. Anyway, did you know Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) and Amanda Clarke (Emily Vancamp) are dating? I WAS SO SURPRISED WHEN I FOUND OUT (honestly, I went on Josh’s Instagram and liked all pictures of both of them since Emily doesn’t have insta). And they are so cute really.

  1. Alone EP


If you know me, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Nigerian music. I listen to them all, the ones you have to wait for a meaning from the artiste, the ones you wonder whether they were done by Nigerians and the likes. During one of my random music searches on Soundcloud, I found ‘Gele’ by Nonso Amadi (which happens to be my favourite on the EP) and then I looked out for the full EP named ‘Alone’. First cool thing about this guy and his music is that he’s my namesake. My native name is Nonso too. Other than that, he gives this cool vibe that I really love so much. I look forward to hearing more from him really.

  1. Learning Yoruba + Alakada


So since I’m in a Yoruba speaking state, I’m trying to utilize this opportunity to learn the language better than I know it. I know the little bits and I can start a decent conversation. I can also insult you in the language, and I know when you’re insulting me too. But in depth knowledge to the point where I cannot mix English words? Not there yet. I’m taking lessons from my colleague at work and a language guide NYSC gave us back in camp. Still on learning Yoruba, I’m trying to watch more Yoruba movies (the ones subtitled in English please). I started off this year with Alakada by Toyin Aimakhu. Very funny movie, similar to Jenifa but still very funny.

  1. Learning on the Internet


To conclude this list of five favourite things this week, I’m learning a lot of things on the internet right now. I started with a course in Grammar and Punctuation on Coursera, I’m also learning to design a newsletter for the NGO I volunteer for using Mailchimp. Also, I’m taking design classes and learning to use Canva because I need some of those for times when I write on the blog and my social media clients too. And I won a giveaway on The Alaroro and so I’m going to learn Social Media Marketing from Shaw Academy.


So here’s till next week – hopefully I find five things to tell you about.

Until then,






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5 thoughts on “5 Favorite Things This Week”

  1. hmmm niceeeee

    I’d love to have 5 new things every week. I’ll mentally keep notes on whatever happens that’s talk worthy. I like that you’re getting involved with stuffs. would love to volunteer in an NGO but I don’t know any in Lag. do you?

      1. Dint really realize there are specifics. Maybe teaching.. arts and craft thingie..I’m not a talkie talkie type if you get.. basically a smile-and-hug you type.

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