My Birthday Wish List (was Christmas and Birthday Wishlist)

Hello guys! It’s been a minute. I’ve been at the NYSC orientation camp and I’m officially done with that phase. I have a lot of things to tell you about it really – my experience, the journey, the camp. A lot. For now, I’m relaxing kinda (it’s not easy I swear) so I have this post that has been in drafts before I left in November. I don’t know when I’ll continue with my NYSC tales but you’ll get all the stories here.

I was with someone a few weeks back and saw her Christmas wish list and then she said “why don’t you write out yours, who knows someone might surprise you” and so believing that someone will surprise me, here are a few things I want for Christmas and my birthday (if it has to extend to that).

Speaking about my birthday, it’s the big 21 oh! So that means I am an adult now. Wow. This age thing is running like it’s a relay race. Anyway, in no particular order, here are the things I want:

  1. A laptop – Stopped working sometime in November because of NYSC and so my official laptop was taken from me. My Acer laptop has given up on me and so I’m laptopless actually. (GOTTEN THIS)
  2. A digital camera – Everyone looks better with digital cameras. I used to have one and took it all around, taking random shots and posting it on my old blog, but it got stolen and since then, nothing has happened. I love those small very handy ones, maybe Nikon or Canon
  3. Retro/Vintage shirts – Love them. I wear L by the way.
  4. Denim shirts – I love denim and the denim shirt does it for me always. I have one that’s a bit dark and I want those light ones now.
  5. Happy Socks – Seeing as part of my goals is to stay happy this year, I want to do so with pairs of happy socks. Basically, those brightly colored socks with charming patterns.
  6. Double strap monk shoes – Google it. I love it! (Shoe Size: 45)
  7. Headphones – My Skullcandy earbuds are already having issues fitting into my phone port and I need new headphones.
  8. A new phone – My Blackberry Z10 has tried. Epp me.
  9. Brogues – I love brogues. Brown brogues (Shoe Size: 45)
  10. Suede Boots – I love them too, especially the ones that get to your ankle. Maybe brown and black too (Shoe Size: 45)
  11. Nike Trainers – Because 2016 is the year for fitfam, get me, trainers. I want to start going for Truppr events. (Shoe Size: 45)
  12. Sandals – There’s this Instagram account – terrelagos I crush on their sandals. Just one would do
  13. Money – If the Lord is sending you to bless me, help my ministry. I want to do a lot of traveling this year. Like a few places in Nigeria and maybe one outside the country.


Peace and love,



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