October 2015

Happy New Month people! Hope this month brings you everything your heart desires and a lot more. Now, this was supposed to come a lot earlier, but a lot of things have been happening with your boy and so, I’m normally either too tired or clogged up with work. But I won’t really stop writing here – I do it for me. Anyway, let’s talk about my October lol!

Movies and TV Shows

For October, I dedicated it to the Bond collection. Now I’m not really the biggest Bond fan really. I haven’t seen Skyfall not to talk about the new Spectre. But when people started commenting on how Sam Smith’s ‘Writings on the Wall’ (which was the song for the new Spectre movie ) didn’t sound ‘bond enough’, I had to listen to the previous songs and then it just dawned on me that I have the movie somewhere on my laptop and so, I started watching. I think Sean Connery was an amazing Bond. I’m still watching from the era where he was Bond.

In addition to that, I finally watched Pitch Perfect 2 and I must say it was quite good. It had its parts and damn, those guys from Da Sound Machine are very good! The scene with the weird man who gave out a gift card was undoubtedly my favorite. I liked the songs played from that part, maybe because I could relate to it. On a scale of 1-10, I’ll give it a 4. I’m still trying to watch The Cleveland Show and it’s hilarious most times. I think it’s very cool.

Blogs, Tumblr and Instagram

Favorite blog has to be allidoiscook. Looking at the pictures and recipes make cooking a lot easier and I’m there for that. I like to cook, and I really hope I get to try out these recipes someday, maybe when I live alone (because right now, nobody will allow me cook something I’m not sure of for two).  I haven’t been really active on Tumblr but when I am, I’m reblogging pictures from 365DaysOfLagos, a picture series and probably from either the staff picks or trending tabs. For Instagram, I really don’t know. I was all over the place on Instagram – looking through pictures from the LFDW which happened last month, or cyberstalking in a good way always! But I’ll say I check the official @Instagram more often these days 🙂

Music and Music Videos

I have a long list of music I’m feeling really so I’ll just hope I remember it all. In no particular order,

  • Inside of You – Darey x Asa
  • Left For Good – Waje x Patoranking
  • On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons
  • Cinderella – Olu Maintain x 2Face Idibia
  • Guitar Boy – Sir Victor Uwaifo
  • Hello – Adele
  • What is Love – Janelle Monae, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx and a host of people
  • Power – Kanye West x Dwele
  • Batucada Familia – Carlinhos Brown, Jamie Foxx, Rachel Crow and others
  • There’s A Fire – Bez
  • I Love You So – Tijan
  • Right Now – Seyi Shay

I can’t remember if I spoke about the Collectiv3 EP here but it’s amazing. It features IKON, Temidollface, Poe, Fumbi, Kid Konnect, Nneka, Nsikak David, all young people giving out excellent music. If you haven’t, you’re sleeping on it really. Favorite songs on the EP are ‘School your Face’ by Temidollface, ‘Akintunde’ by IKON and Temidollface and ‘Adore her’ by Poe and Fumbi. I got all of 2Face’s albums and I have been blasting that, amazing stuff.

For music videos, I haven’t done a lot of them in a while really so I can’t tell which is good and trending really.

Places and Events

I was at London Life Lagos Living last month and I wrote about it here. Then there was Afropolitan Vibes which I also wrote about here. Then, I went to Badagry last month and I blogged about it here. I went for the Worm Free Zone at Dodan Barracks last week and it was very good. Worm Free Zone is organized by a doctor who picks out a location I think once in three months to go out and deworm the kids there. They also get a lot of presents and music and games for that day. Also, I was at Café Neo for the first time ever – great workspace really!  Then, Bogobiri too and it was good. Should probably choose a day to go out and see Lagos extensively.


This month, I have been reading Becoming Beyonce by J. Randy Taraborrelli. You should read it too. I think he’s quite engaging really, in as much I have my doubts about most of his “facts”. Apart from that, I guess that’s it!

Have a good November!


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2 thoughts on “October 2015”

  1. I loved The Cleveland Show! Got bored of it after the 3rd season though but it’s pretty funny. I love allidoiscook too!! And I love The Collective as well! Alternative music has to be the best tbh.

    Glad you finally went for #wormfreezone too. It’s actually the initiative of 2 doctors and is supposed to be monthly but it’s always so much fun!!

    You sure had a fun packed month, I’m jealous.

    P.S. Think you could mail me the Beyonce book? If it’s an ebook of course. Thanks!!

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