Weekend Vibes: Afropolitan Vibes x Project Get Naked x Elegushi

I know it’s a Thursday and we’re looking forward to the weekend and I apologize for documenting about this so late. Last week was one of the busiest weekends I’ve ever had. Unlike the normal Franklin weekend, I had a lot of things to do. A lot of them clashing with each other. And so, some factors had to be put in place to choose where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing. Let’s start up with Friday


Friday was Afropolitan Vibes and it was a special edition because Burna Boy was to perform. Now unlike the normal editions, I was a bit late to the show and the whole of Lagos came out for the show (probably because it was the Felabration edition or because it’s Burna). We got in and there was live music from Yinka Davies, Gyedu – Blay Ambolley, Bantu, and his band as well as Burna Boy’s grandpa who came to give us some good songs from Fela (seems this music thing runs in them). Adekunle Gold came up to give us ‘Sade’ and ‘Orente’ and everywhere was bubbling. It was so beautiful. Then we had Burna! And he rocked. In short, I listened to all his songs on Youtube after his show. And did I tell you I got up on stage to dance? Yes. Afropolitan Vibes has the most beautiful audience who come up to show off their dancing skills. Edwin made me go up and I enjoyed every bit of it. When I wasn’t dancing up, I was with my cup of Orijin dancing or jumping excitedly. So if you don’t come for Afropolitan and you’re in Lagos, what are you really doing?


The busiest day of my weekend. I was a part of the Project Get Naked campaign 2015 and there was the campaign shoot happening. I met a lot of people and had fun (well for a good part) interviewing most of these celebrities for the shoot. (Now what was it the busiest? Because I had a bad headache from Friday. Because I had about two weddings and a conference to attend. And I skipped all of this. In the long run, it was good.


Sunday was church day. Went to church and relaxed. And then, I made lunch. We had the second day of the Project Get Naked shoot too, so I had to make way for that. Unlike Saturday, left early because I promised a friend I’ll make it to Elegushi. Now fast forward to say around 4 pm when I left the photoshoot, I got to Elegushi and a fee of a thousand naira was collected from me. What for? Hidden charges? These guys are surely exploiting our ‘natural resources’ as the case may be. When I got into the beach, I was expecting more from the Elegushi I’ve been hearing so much about. Honestly, I didn’t see anything that would make me come there again. The horses were all in my business smelling and all. Lol! And to think I actually proposed to a friend to have a little get together there. Even the quiet time I tried to get, I couldn’t get it. Anyway, we spent the evening bonding over peppered meat I brought and Star Radler, which is one of the few good things right now.

This weekend, I’m going to Badagry! And I’ll come with pictures. Supposed to get my NYSC call up letter and I don’t know what’s happening. Enough of me, what’s happening with you?

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