September 2015

Goodbye September. Make way for October. Here’s wishing everyone the best of the month. Last month was quite a trying one for me, but hay, let’s look on the bright side of life and count our blessings. I’ll be sharing a few things I did with my month, as usual!

Movies and TV Shows

Let me start by saying my laptop chargers burnt. Both the HP (my office laptop) and my Acer (the personal one) burnt and it was really sad as I had to replace both. Why are laptop chargers so damn expensive? Anyway, I choked on Breaking Bad this month. God, it was completely amazing. Normally, I had seen stuff like it was for the brilliant people and the ones with the high IQ on twitter and I was a bit reluctant at first but after two episodes, I was drawn to it. Right now, I just finished the fourth episode! Favourite character has to be between Gustavo Fring and Walter White. The opening scenes leave you interested in knowing what happens throughout the episode (that’s if you agree to go past them)

I need to go to the cinemas. It’s actually been a very large time. Can you imagine I haven’t seen Pitch Perfect 2? Or maybe I just need someone to give me a hard disk drive filled up with recent movies. Also, there was Ugly Betty which showed on Sony this month. I watched it in school say first and second year, can’t remember whether I finished it. But watching it brought back the nostalgia and when I’m done I’ll probably go back to it. My siblings are addicted to Family Guy and the Cleveland show and that will also make my October watch list I believe.

Blogs, Tumblr and Instagram

My favorite website right now is Zikoko honestly. I have a good laugh attempting the quizzes and other times, I really relate to the lists that they make. Also, I have a mild crush on Olivia Palermo’s website and I wrote about her here. I think the editors are amazing, website is really great!

Not sure I have a favorite tumblr or Instagram right now. You can follow my tumblr if you have one: @oneigboboy (should probably add there that re blogs aren’t endorsements)

Music and Music Videos

Now I have a long list of songs I’m feeling, as usual. Let’s start with Orezi’s album. Took him a long time to make one, and he sure created it on a Sunday because it’s so damn good. I should add that I think I’m feeling a lot of Nigerian jams recently (don’t look at me like it’s a bad thing) and I feel I should actually create a special post for my music list, but you know when I tend to do, I won’t keep to it so let’s leave it here. For now, I’m super addicted to ‘Duro’ by Tekno,  ‘Ashimapeyin’ by Wande Coal, ‘I love You So’ by Tjan, ‘Karashika’ by Falz and ‘Do Something’ by Koker. I also discovered this South African musician called Fifi Cooper and her song ‘Kisses’ with AB Crazy is absolutely amazing. Then there’s ‘Body on Me’ by Rita Ora and Chris Brown and a host of other songs I cannot remember. Let’s not forget that Beyonce and Ed Sheeran had a duet together where they sang ‘Drunk in Love’ together and it was beautiful! Then there’s Sam Smith’s ‘Writings on The Wall’ for the new James Bond movie and I think it’s brilliant. The comments I read on Youtube don’t agree with that but well, that’s their cup of tea.

Places and Events

As compared to last month, I think I did fine really with going out. I’m still looking for an enabler to fill Yewi’s position and if you’re interested, apply within! Let’s start with TPL. It was on the first Saturday of the month and it turned out fine. I’m always there for the people, the food, the hugs and the booze. Then there was Afropolitan Vibes which kinda turned out to be my best edition ever! From free booze, to paid booze and then hugs and all the beautiful people in Lagos, it was epic! (I should write something when the next edition comes up – ten reasons you shouldn’t miss it if you’re in Lagos). Then, there was a trip to the East to get a few documents for NYSC.  Yes, let’s not forget there was Ope’s introduction. First time at a Yoruba introduction and it was beautiful. Those Yoruba female MCs are the life of the party really.

Recommendation: I had chicken and chips at Spurs in Ikeja GRA early last month and it tasted really good. The chicken was very big and I had the quarter chicken (imagine what the half one would look like or maybe the waiter just liked me). Plus, it’s not on the very expensive side. The restaurant has this cool Native American feel to it, and if you’re around, check it out!


This month, I read a few stories from ‘These Words Expose Us’ by The Naked Convos. I’m also reading a lot of books from secondary school days, and they’re good fun! Books like ‘The Lion and The Jewel’, ‘The Incorruptible Judge’ and a host of others.

Until October,

Peace and Love.


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