#NYSCTales: Pilot Episode

What’s up people? The long-awaited NYSC is almost here and I’ll be sharing my experience on the blog. Hopefully, I’ll get to also write at the end of the program if it is worth it or if it should be scrapped.

Before Registration

Now, probably because of my job or probably because I thought it would be scrapped, I didn’t look forward to the whole news on my class’ whatsapp page. I blanked out, was mute, and just scrolling through the messages. They had every right to talk though, one year after graduation and still home without serving interrupting the ones that wanted to go into serious things. Anyway, few days before the registration date, a link came up asking us to confirm names sent by the school senate to the NYSC body. Checked mine and all details were correct and a few days after, we had to register at cyber cafes selected by NYSC


Registration started on a Tuesday. I did mine on a Friday. It was quite tough seeing as the cyber cafes NYSC listed were in my area were either nonexistent or the ones with phone numbers weren’t picking.

Eventually, I had to go down to some cyber café a bit far from the house to register. Now, there were the funny questions like date of graduation from primary school, secondary and uni which honestly I don’t know.

The operator placed June and I’m like okay. Then it came down to the state selections, and I’m like “Where are all the states I wanted?” There was no Lagos, no Calabar, no Ekiti, no Akwa Ibom, no Enugu and no Rivers.

Ended up picking Ondo, Abia and Benue and honestly, I want Ondo please. (Baba God, do it for your boy)

I also picked out shirt, trousers and shoe sizes and I hope I don’t have to make adjustments to them.

After Registration

I have to go to school to run one or two things with the Student Affairs unit and the departmental office before the postings come out. Hopefully, they’ll give me my Ondo or just give me Lagos. I mean, this ‘choose three states from different geopolitical zones’ may just be a serious plot twist. Until then, I’ll keep looking and laughing.


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