August 2015

HELLO PEOPLE! I really don’t need to say why I’m here, as usual. I’m pretty much excited and so I’ll delve into basic details. I’ll be sharing my favorite things from August and basically, a rundown of what I did.

TV Shows and Movies

Unlike July, there was no slacking on TV shows. It’s still the same old watching regimen as before (after work and dinner). I started with Suits, and then there was Revenge and then Single Ladies. I’m not done with all of them (just watching them in bits and recording where I stop so I don’t forget important details). There’s also Archer, a cartoon which is absolutely hilarious and worth it! I’m still following up with Skinny Girl I Transit and I think the episodes need to be much longer (Ndani, Where is Gidi Up tho). Real Talk with Cornelia is also great.

I started watching the ‘I love Nigeria’ show by CloseUp and I must say you’re missing out if you don’t watch that. It is very hilarious, very hilarious. It’s hosted by Stephanie Coker, who I really think is brilliant and beautiful and features Ebuka Obi Uchendu and TeeA as well as other celebrities randomly paired every week (I’m #TeamEbuka always). I’m catching up with the episodes on the CloseUp Youtube channel here.  I’m also a big Project Fame West Africa fan for the music and the outfits and every bit of drama on the show. Bolanle and Joseph are great! And the songsters are awesome as well. So far, I think I like Joy, Arewa and Chike.

Blogs, Tumblr and Instagram

My favorite website right now is Buzzfeed. I guess, I’m back to my first love. I’ve always said that my goals were to be an editor at Buzzfeed if I don’t get a career as an on air personality. I MEAN, IT SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF FUN! Also, I’ve fallen in love with Denike’s website here and her Instagram (which reminds me of Solange’s somehow).

Music and Music Videos

I have a bad day at work at least three days out of five or six which I work and music is what keeps me going. I listen to everything I can listen to and then pick out the ones which are good for me, or not. Currently, my ringtone is ‘Ari Belema’ by Tonye Garrick and I really think you should watch the video (such a beautiful one) Then there’s the ‘Laye’ video and ‘Orente’ video which I currently love because of the locations and sceneries. I’m a sucker for vacations and holidays, and hopefully sometime, I’ll get to see all the places I want to visit. (I’ve created a board on pinterest for this, and I’m starting with the places in Nigeria I should go away to for a week). On some days when I’m going home from the huge pile of work at the office, Olamide’s ‘Melo Melo’ and ‘Bobo’, Patoranking’s ‘My Woman, My Everything’ and ‘Daniella Whine’ and Victoria Kimani’s ‘Show’ gives me life. On some other days, it’s Runtown’s ‘The Latest’ or Harrysong’s ‘Reggae Blues’ that I’m here for. Frank Ocean’s album is also here for those special days, as well as Christina Aguilera (man, that voice is power!)

Places and Events

Since my enabler, Yewi went abroad to complete her studies, I’ve been all alone. Yewi is the best enabler really. She basically tells me who person xxx is when we walk into an event, and then helps me not make a fool of myself most times. For this month, I was basically just indoors missing out everything I wanted to attend, because no enabler. So here I am looking out for a new enabler to fill up her space.

  • You must like attending events in Lagos okay? Book readings, stage plays, arty things, galas etc that is open to everyone.
  • You must know about 60% of people who pop up on Bella Naija (At least she knew that)
  • You must also be a cool kid. I mean, I was practically oozing off Yewi’s coolness whenever we went out.
  • You must not know everybody (or at least just know one or two people). I can’t be sharing my enabler with everyone.

Anyway, just last Sunday, I hosted the youth and children harvest and bazaar in church. Now, I was enjoying my environmental sanitation hours of sleep on Saturday when I got a text that somethings had been tweaked and I had to do it all, and I stood to it, and loved every bit of it! It’s not easy, but well great start for me. I’ll find out if I had paparazzi shots.


I’ve been on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for days! Currently, I’m simultaneously reading ‘Americanah’ and ‘The Thing around Your Neck’. Also I read ‘The Great Gatsby’ book and I liked it! Americanah is cool fun and I’ll probably do a thing on it when I’m done. Books are so much fun on Saturdays (I SWEAR!)

Anyway, here’s for a September to be all I desire and more (meanwhile, NYSC is brewing somewhere and let’s see where they post me to)



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