Can we Just Cuddle?

Hello guys! I’m really failing at this attempt to keep an online diary and there’s a possibility I may stick to the paperback diary. When my favorite writers/bloggers fail to write for quite a while, they blame it on either a writer’s block or life getting in the way. It’s so sad that neither of these is the case for me. Most times, I echo what I want to write about that I wish there was a voice diary or an app that would translate my actual words to letters (and I can’t make a podcast because I don’t think anyone would download, welp!)

Anyway, sometime this week, I went through my drafts of written work from my old blog which I deleted and found this which somehow says quite much right now to me. I can’t seem to remember who wrote this (if it’s not mine) and if it is, wow! How did my writing go from good to very bad?

A long day at work,
Running after other people,
Up and down ladders, moving bolts of cloth,
Tailoring my wares to whiney whingers’ whims.
I stagger to the shower
And wash the fibres away,
The ache of my soul rising to the surface
As I let the suds scent my skin with soft vanilla.

But who cares if I smell like
Hot cookies zooming from the oven
To lie naked and delicious on the rack?
Who cares if I smell like
Decadent cake,
Rich with smooshing fruit
And playful with whipped cream?

I crawl into bed
Like a Goth Eskimo,
Too-big, black hoodie enveloping me past my naked hips,
And I wish it was your hoodie,
With the deep, safe scent of you surrounding me.
I wish these sleeves were your arms,
Holding me in my tiredness
And squeezing the sleepy
Chill of loneliness away.

I wish the heavy hood
Was your hand,
Smoothing back my damp hair,
Easing the ache in my tight, tense shoulders.
I wish the weight of my duvet
Was your hand on my bare ass,
Softly telling me that after sleep
Will be a time to play
And be happy together.

I wish the firmness
Of my feather pillow
Was your chest
So that I could hear your heart,
Slow, rhythmic, deep,
A rumble of contented delight
At having Your Girl in your arms,
At sharing intimacy, trust, and silent, breath-warm comfort.

Flushed cheeks,
Damp hair,
Naked under your hoodie…

I just need a cuddle

With you.

Okay, It’s not me. I don’t see it! Anyway, I hope to post more here. I’m actually tired of saying so. Quick one, I’m writing a series as a wedding planner. Started it on my old blog, and never completed. So stay in touch!

Peace, love and everything!


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