Hello guys! What’s happening? I completely forgot about my online diary but I’ll be back on Saturday, to rant and gist and say what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks. For today, I got this piece from Victor and I want to share! I’ll be back tomorrow and I’m so pumped about this month’s review like the one I did here.

I see more dead people on the streets than in cemeteries; the future of the lives of so many folks seems bleak.

Power supply at the light at the end of the tunnel must have been quenched.

Staunch believers are slowly becoming atheists & agnostics, there’s no trust in a deity whatsoever because if the tales of a supernatural being are anything to bank on then why do we have constant bouts with peril?

Youths are faced with unemployment upon graduation from varsities and resort to drugs hence the scourge, eating deep into the fabrics of expectation for a better end.

Despair causes our parents to unconsciously write an ode to the good times. Government and indeed people at the corridors of power dabble with the nation’s affairs.

We want real change! The one in the hands of a conductor or that the present administration promised doesn’t suffice after all these years of wait in futility. Our rulers didn’t measure up.

But in the midst of all these chaos and calamities, I hear a gentle voice whisper softly “It is well”.

And still, I hope…

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