Game of Thrones Season 5: Episode 8

Hello guys! Happy Weekend. Today, I’ll make my recap on this episode as short as I can. I’ll be sharing what I thought as I watched this episode.

1. Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum

2. Daenerys needs to forgive Ser Jorah

3. Dany knows she needs Tyrion so bad

4. This Tyrion’s story is so long

5. Oshey, Tyrion who understands the seven kingdoms

6. “He is in love with you, I think”(think? We all know)

7.”Oshey Tyrion the life coach

8. Why can’t she have him by her side?

9. I thought he’ll lobby for a better place for Ser Jorah

10. Bye Jorah

11. HAHA! HI Cersei *bitch face*

12. “Confess” “I’m innocent” (You wish)

13. What is Arya doing?

14. She just went from being our favorite character to something we don’t understand

15. I swear I don’t understand what’s going on between Arya and this man.

16. Tired of this third person thing?

17. god of light and the many faced god?

18. Fornication, treason, incest and the murder of King Robert LMAOO


20. Bye Cersei

21. You made your son powerless and now you want him to act? LOL

22. Barefooted commoner uh? Let’s be watching

23. Please get this Reek/Theon person away?

24. How the fuck were you helping her?

25.”Theon Grejoy tried to escape” LMAOOO

26. “I don’t need an army, I need twenty good men”

27. Oh hi Dany and Tyrion, our two favorite characters

28. Two terrible children with two terrible fathers

29. Breathe Tyrion, No ONE IS KILLING YOU

30. You are now Dany’s adviser

31. Let the work begin

32. Ser Jorah is back

33. LMAOOOOO Is Cersei drinking the water really?

34. Bye bitch

35. HAHAHA! I love this scene
36. Yaa, Sam got laid last episode

37. Hello wildling mom

38. Brutal. Brutal

39. “My name is Jon Snow. I am Lord Commander of the Night Watch”

40. “This is not about friendship. This is about survival”

41. “Beat the white walkers, goodluck with that” LMAOO

42. “We are not asking you to forget your dead, I’ll never forget mine” (You mean Ygritte)

43. “He came because he needs us” “We need him” (Okay, are we sharing blames now?)

44. Once she said “I’m right behind you”, somehow I knew she’ll die

45. WOW

46. I can’t even

47. Is this Walking Dead?

48. This is bad, real bad

49. Aww man

50. “Come at me bro”