Weekend Vibes: TPL and Yaw’s ‘You’ Show

Weekends are amazing! And weekends are even more amazing when there’s an extra day of the week to add. That was the case this weekend for me. The occasion was Democracy Day and it fell on a Friday, so Friday, Saturday and Sunday all to me!


Friday was for family and friends. I paid a visit to this family friend I hadn’t seen in years and considering we stayed quite close, it wasn’t very good. After sleeping till like 10am, I prepared and wore this shirt with the inscription “Death is the solution because no one wants to be defeated” (Pretty controversial uh?) We had breakfast and lunch there and talking about lots of things. We also watched the inauguration of President Buhari and Governor Ambode. And because the big man of the house was around, I got a chance to stock up my laptop with movies and series from his Hard Disk Drive. I should write a proper review, but knowing who I am, let me just drop tips here

  • Empire is great! I just started and already, I love Cookie and Jamal Lyon. I’m not a big fan of Hakeem and Rhonda Lyon. Rhonda is a power hungry, manipulative personality and so, it’s a no no for me. I also believe Lucious loves Cookie too much but “booboo kitty” won’t let them be.
  • I watched Gidi Up too! Yes, I bumped into Season One and five episodes into Season Two. It’s really quite short but also great. Love Oreka Godis and I don’t know how why she left in Season 2. Obi (currently played by OC Ukeje) is just jumping from pot to the fire. And ‘Deyemi Okolawon is good, first time I’m bumping into him
  • Then I watched the Meeting, yes the Rita Dominic ‘The Meeting’ and it was good. Basically just for comic relief. It was actually good, maybe just the average movie for me honestly!


Saturday was TPL and I was in charge of Media and PR for one of the teams so I had to be with the boys as early as I could. 3

I got to Campus Mini Stadium early enough and yes, let the games begin! My team went out in the semifinals stage but it was a good one! I just went to socialize and have fun. Shoutout to Ekene for the present she brought me.

2 I was also at the Book Barter stand and got ‘The Last Song’ by Nicholas Sparks. I should add that I got Skullcandy Ink’d Earphones (thank you guys)

I had a meeting for 7pm and I had to leave early. Thanks to Dewale and Yewi for the ride.


Sunday was there! I had voice overs to help out with in church, so I had to return after the first mass to help with the second mass. After that, I did a bit of house chores, cooking and then went along to drop my sister at a party. I then went for the You show by Yaw and Okey Bakassi at Eko Hotel and Suites.1

I got there at 4:46pm and sat in waiting for about two hours before the main show started. It was fun, hung out with Meed, Chima and Max. There were performances from a lot of A-listers and the jokes were hilarious! I was impressed with a music comedian called Kenny Black. Also, there was this mix of the old meet the new at the show too, basically with throwback jingles and performances. Yaw and Okey Bakassi thrilled the audience with their stage play which dealt with issues like the Chibok Girls, the missing $20 billion, fuel scarcity, President Buhari and former president Jonathan, the legislators who climbed the House of Assembly gates and then traveling to become a second class citizen elsewhere. A lot of acts were present at the show and well, I got home late.

Anyway, cheers to the freaking weekend. Fingers crossed for a better one!

Until then,


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