Game of Thrones Season Five: Episode Five and Six

Hello guys. First and foremost, it’s my blog anniversary today. We just clocked one (haha!)

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Anyway, I’ve been really busy and just caught up on Game of Thrones S5 05 &06 between yesterday and today and as usual, here are a few recaps and all that

Sansa and Ramsay Bolton 

Now first, Myranda leads Sansa to the kennel to find Theon and Sansa runs out. Theon, on the other hand tells his master that Sansa was down there and Ramsay manipulates Theon making him admit that he killed Sansa’s brothers. (I honestly thought he would cut off his hand or something) Ramsay does his bit to embarass himself, which he does half of the time. Sansa is very uncomfortable (not like she has been herself since she came to Winterfell) and then, big news, Ramsay is going to have a sibling. Of course, this doesn’t go down well with him and he confronts his father. There was also the bit between Myranda and Ramsay which was also very irritating. 


Before her wedding, Myranda makes Sansa understand that she loves Ramsay and then, Sansa makes a brave move!

This is my home and you can’t frighten me

Sansa got married in a beautiful white dresss, walked down the aisle by Theon Grejoy, imposed by Ramsay when he said “he’s the closest to family she had”. After the wedding, the most useless thing in the history of all things useless on Game of Thrones happened. After asking Sansa if she were a virgin, he went ahead to rape her. To make matters worse, this dude asked Theon to watch and now, I am like “WTF is wrong with this dude?” “What is your problem really?” “What was the essence?” “Is this part of the torture?”

Then even the method of invitation was very rude

You’ve known Sansa since she was a girl. Now watch her become a woman.

And I really feel bad for Sansa because it’s a first time and it’s this useless sociopath.

Kings’ Landing

In King’s Landing, there are a lot of things going on. Olenna is around and her presence isn’t doing anything in this episode. It probably made it worse because another one of her grandchild, Margaery who is supposed to be the queen has been taken. Now, Loras was interrogated by the High Sparrow and denied the charges before him. Margaery even swore that Loras was telling the truth until Olyvar came in and spoke the truth. To make matters worse, he said Margaery knew about it.

Now I have a question, was Olyvar arrested?

Anyway, Olenna knows about Jaime and Cersei and since the good people of King’s Landing want to be upright, then maybe they should start from the highest family in the land. All through all of this, Tommen Baratheon sat there and did not utter a word.

Behold the most powerless king that ever lived! When we said we were tired of Joffrey, we didn’t mean for them to bring us this clueless being.


In Meeren, things are also happening. First Daenerys has summoned the leaders of families to the dungeon and watched as one of them was burnt and devoured by her dragons. While this is in a bid to scare these people, I think this could have been done without killing that man. She later apologizes however, which I think was brave of her

Jorah and Tyrion were attacked on the way to Meereen and now, Jorah is very close to be a stone man. And for God’s sake, Tyrion needs to be treated with great respect (He’s a favorite on the show) You should sign this petition I saw here too . Now, Jorah and Tyrion had a nice conversation where Tyrion admitted to killing his father because he was going to have him executed. Tyrion also told Jorah that his father was killed by his men and was inquisitive to know why he was so loyal to Daenerys. From nowhere, a group of pirate approaches them while they’re trying to hide by a rock and the head of the pirate was interested in Tyrion’s penis, believing that it had magic powers. Tyrion, saved himself by simply admitting that the buyer wouldn’t know the penis came from a dwarf and so, he lived.

Also, Greyworm is alive. While he’s angry he dissapointed Ser Bannister, he’s happy he’s back for Missandei


Jaime and Bronn are in Dorne to rescue the princess and this they do succesfully. Prince Tristan and Myrcella however are in love and having their moment while Jaime and Bronn interupt them. The duo were interrupted also by Ellaria’s daughters who are ‘unbowed, unbent and unbroken” for Prince Oberyn. What ensued after this was a fight which led to an arrest.

Arya Stark 

Arya passed the test with the other girl but she’s failing woefully with Jaqen. Maybe Arya is ready to be someone else, but still wants to cling to a bit of her old self.

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Image Credit: ScreenRant, Game of Quotes


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