Game of Thrones: Season Five Episode Four

Spoilers will definitely come!

  • What happens in Meereen stays in Meereen

A lot of things are happening in Meereen and at this rate, all I see is Mother Dragon loosing her people. In episode two, she kills Mossador and she was almost stoned to death. This time, it’s the Sons of Harpy and they aren’t here to play. Remember we saw them here where they killed a member of the Unsullied. This time, they’re killing even more. Grey Worm and Ser Barristan were among their victims and this isn’t good for Mother Dragon.

This means her city isn’t safe. Now come to ask yourself, what do these people want exactly? Hopefully, we’ll find out when next we see them! Now, while all these happens in Meeren,  Ser Jorah is on his way with Tyrion (poor Tyrion, the way they disrespect him in this episode is annoying) to meet Daenerys. I, for one think Tyrion prefers Varys to this annoying character who throws him like an object and hits him when he speaks. Where is Varys by the way?

  • Tales from Dorne

Bronn and Myrcella’s dad are on their way to Dorne to rescue the princess and they get into very interesting conversations. Amidst all this, Bronn is a little bit suspicious as to why Jaime has to be the one to go on the rescue mission.

On arrival, they have a face off with some Dornish guards and luckily Jaime gets off that with no part of his body lost.

Still in Dorne, Ellaria Sand and Oberyn’s bastard daughters plot their revenge against the Lannisters to avenge Oberyn’s death. This, they intend doing by capturing Myrcella Baratheon

  • Cersei, oh Cersei

I told you guys here that Cersei doesn’t play. Margaery thinks she won the fight, but Cersei gave it to her in a place she didn’t like. Cersei arms the faith militant and places power in the High Sparrow. She first and foremost sent her father, Lord Tyrell to negotiate with the Iron Bank at Braavos and now, the Faith militant have custody of her brother, Loras for being gay and they have taken him to the dungeon. Now, it is pertinent to know that Cersei is basically the one dishing commands in the name of her son. Margaery asks Tommen to go to the High Sparrow (after all he’s king) and he doesn’t just look weaker to her alone now, he does to the entire crowd after he’s refused entry to the temple. So, Cersei wins! 2 punches to none. Margaery isn’t having this, and has decided to inform her grandmother Olenna Tyrell about this (and be rest assured Olenna doesn’t joke too)

  • Stannis Baratheon and Jon Snow

After this episode of Game of Thrones, it is sure that they have something in common, they have been seduced by Melisandre (who serves the god of light and who I think should die). But unlike Stannis, Jon is headstrong and isn’t having any of that and the funniest part of all of this is when she tells him “You know nothing”. Now it’s clear Jon isn’t joining Stannis’ army and doesn’t want any of that

Remember Ygritte?

you know nothing

Shireen also confronts her dad in this episode. I like as her emotions were portrayed in this episode. Shireen is reassured of her father’s love for her as she is the princess of the house of Baratheon. This made me feel great and happy and somehow, picks Selyse out as the bad one because there’s a scene where she says she gave Stannis nothing but weakness.

Hopefully, more happens in this new episode. You can catch previous episodes here, here and here



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