Random Ramblings on a Thursday

Hello guys! Today, I’ll be talking about a lot of random stuff here. And it’s my blog so I’m allowed to talk as I want (okay, it’s our blog). Mi casa, su casa. In no particular order, here they are:

  • Lagos is shit

I think this is an established fact already and I have been hearing it continuously but I had to work in Lagos before I understood this properly. I have been working in Lagos for about 7 months now (Johnny Just Come) without a car and a driver, occasionally with lifts up and down and I must tell you, it’s been horrible (maybe if I had a car or a driver, it would be better). There’s the traffic which annoys me a lot. Like how can you be leaving your office at 6pm and be in traffic for another 1-2 hours? What is this life? Today was the worst day of it all and no president/president elect was in town. Left my house say around 8am and unfortunately for me, a family friend found me at the bus-stop and decided to give me a lift (yes, I said unfortunately). So, she’s going to Ikoyi and wants to go through the 3rd Mainland bridge and I have to get to Costain. (Now here’s why it’s unfortunate) She drops me somewhere before Jibowu and it was now wahala to get a bus from there. Got to the office after everything at 10am and well, we have to work! Lagos is just suffering and smiling. Now, if you’re thinking of coming here soon, please don’t

  1. You’ll contribute to the hardship we’re facing here
  2. You won’t like it
  3. We don’t want you
  4. We are trying to get rid of some people
  5. Just stay where you are
  6. Thank you!
  • MET Gala 2015

I saw some pictures from the MET GALA and I’m going to be telling you a little bit about them. I think the most talked about outfit was Rihanna’s because she’s Rihanna. Favorite outfit for me was between Amal Clooney and Zendaya.

Boom, check if your duvet is missing!

Tired of this Janelle Monae thing, where she shows up as either a superhero or dressed in black or white.

Keeping it chic with the theme, Zendaya!

Love it, Gaga!

Honestly, no! Shoes, yes!

No, our wife! NO!

So simple and gorgeous!

If you missed the looks, you can catch them all here and I should say Beyonce and Kim Kardashian didn’t do it for me, none of them!

  • Warri and Awka – A Tale of two cities

Last weekend, I traveled to do one or two things and I decided to stay in Warri with a friend of mine. Warri is beautiful from what I saw, but from what I was made to understand, I stayed in the good part of Warri. Now, I noticed something weird: Almost all ATMs I tried to use were either bad or overcrowded and I ask: Na so una dey do am?

I left for Awka to fix one or two things and I was amazed at the development from Willie Obiano. Although I think there are a lot of flyovers and bridges, but I think he’s done noble! I took the BRT like bus from Onitsha to Awka and it was for N100 (normally  like 300 before). Last thing, you know that thing they say about people in uniform being sexy? Definitely not the ones in Anambra. Their uniforms have horrible colors.

IMG_20150504_180931 IMG_20150504_172913 IMG_20150504_172944

I took pictures!

  • Avengers

Avengers, Age of Ultron was awesome! As I said here, I saw it at the Trace Movie Takeover and you should check them on Twitter and Instagram to be aware of the next time this is happening. Finally someone can lift Thor’s hammer, or do I call it something? It was a very funny movie really, because I must confess I laughed at some inside jokes. Now, I hope Tony Stark stops his oversabi attitude because it got the Avengers into the wahala they were facing. Now I have two questions, what happens to Jarvis now? And what about Hulk?

That’s it for today! I’ll write about Game of Thrones tomorrow and you can get all the articles on the previous episodes here

Image Credit: StyleVitae, Fashionista, Tumblr

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