75 Thoughts I Had While Watching Fast and Furious 7

Hello people! Good Morning and a happy Monday to you! I hate Mondays and so I won’t proceed to engage you all in fancy talk, but go straight to why we are here. I saw this movie less than a week after release thanks to the guys at Trace Nigeria (they have this thing called Trace Movie Takeover where they basically have people come see a movie for free, and also drinks and pop corn for free. You should follow them on Twitter and Instagram to be aware of the next time this is happening). Prior to this date, I had to watch Fast and Furious 6 to be able to understand clearly. I am not a very big fan of the Fast and Furious series, so here’s what I thought in summary:

  1. Why did Deckhard Shaw burn the hospital just like that?
  2. LOL, what did Iggy do to you guys?
  3. POW, that punch Letty.
  4. Letty needs to get past this stage really quick
  5. Yes, beat him Hobbs! Beat the hell outta this Deckhard Shaw person
  6. Ugh, c’mon Hobbs!
  7. First unripe dodo! Elena and Hobbs fall
  8. Why is Mia keeping mute about her pregnancy?
  9. Thank God no one was hurt at the Torreto house
  10. Hobbs daughter is so pretty
  11. Ugh, I miss you Han
  12. Yes, Dom you have a chance to beat Shaw now
  13. Who is Mr Nobody?
  14. Don’t do this Dom. Don’t agree to Mr Nobody’s terms
  15. How do you name such a program the God’s eye?
  16. Oh well, it makes a little sense now, seeing as God sees everything
  17. Brian agrees to dedicate himself full time now? Hm, so this is how they want to kill Brian?
  18. Haha, guess who wants to be boss
  19. LOL Roman is always setting himself up
  20. This Mose Jakande name is very funny to me
  21. LOL Roman, jump now
  23. LMFAO boss jump now
  24. Time for more unripe dodo!
  25. How does Ramsey survive?
  26. Unripe dodo, without stew
  27. Unripe dodo, without stew and meat
  28. Unripe dodo, without stew, meat and juice
  29. Can’t even believe this Brian and Letty scene
  31. Okay everybody is safe
  32. Where can I get Mr Nobody’s kind of health insurance?
  33. How much does it cost?
  34. Aww man, Brian is gonna be a daddy again (AND HE KNOWS IT)
  35. You guys are so cute!
  37. Roman always setting himself up
  38. Why didn’t the girl say it wasn’t her birthday?
  39. Okay, let’s get this done with
  40. Letty looks amazing!
  41. I think Ramsey likes Roman more, I mean the R is mutual.
  42. Man, this car is so fresh.
  43. I won’t mind cruising in this car right now
  44. Dom is so strong
  45. My oh my, Letty has got herself some competition
  46. BUSTED
  47. What would they do?
  49. Okay, get yourselves out boys and girls!
  50. Three buildings? WOW
  51. Hobbs swears he’s Hulk
  52. I don’t understand what happened
  53. Car battle? Feast for the eyes
  54. Bring out the wrenches, Dom
  55. One of you should just kill the other. This is painful  to watch
  56. Ah, Dom is dead?
  57. Aww man, after waiting on Letty for so long
  58. Okay Letty, work wonders!
  59. “It’s about time”
  60. AYE! HE AROSE!
  61. Why don’t they just kill Deckhard now? Why CIA prison?
  62. Aww this beach scene!
  63. Time to retire Brian
  64. OMG!!
  65. They said farewell
  66. He went his own way 
  67. For Paul
  68. Tribute song
  69. Okay, no tears
  70. Common, cry Franklin
  71. No, I won’t
  72. Walk out of the cinema. Heavy heart, but no tears
  73. I AM A REAL G!
  74. So who does Ramsey end up with?
  75. Maybe Fast and Furious 8 will tell

Rest in Peace Paul Walker!

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2 thoughts on “75 Thoughts I Had While Watching Fast and Furious 7”

  1. LOOOOL loved this!

    Number 39 should have been: why does her breast size keep bigging and smalling? She’s wearing gown and it’s big. Now she’s wearing singlet and it’s barely a mosquito bite.

    And that Brian and Letty scene how far? I nearly pissed myself laughing. I had dodoverdose on my seat.

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