Game of Thrones: Season Five Episode Two

I think this episode of Game of Thrones was way too boring and slow and everything we don’t want in an episode of a TV show that occurs in tens annually. But quick recap if you missed the ‘War is Coming’ episode we discussed, here it is. Of course, this contains spoilers, so maybe try to see this episode before reading this analysis or thoughts catalog okay?

  • Arya Stark

Now the episode kicks off with Arya Stark moving from Westeros to Braavos where she looks for Jaqen H’ghar. The response she receives at first is cold, as she was told no one by that name existed until sometime later in the episode where he later reveals himself, taking off his mask to identify himself. Now this poses a question, why? Why did he ignore Arya when she came knocking only for him to reveal himself later? Are there multiple people? Anyway, Arya is back with him now at the House of Black and White. Good for her, I think she needs to take a hot bath while she’s there, really urgent Arya

And lest I forget, Arya still has that her list by heart which I think is cute, but she may end up not killing herself.

  • Sansa Stark

Only fair to place Sansa after Arya. In this episode, Sansa and Lady Brienne have their first face to face conversation. Now, Lady Brienne goes on to tell Sansa how she was her mother’s sworn sword and that she promised to find her daughters and guide them. Petyr Baelish brings up Renly Baratheon’s and Catelyn Stark’s murder which poses questions to Lady Brienne’s word of protection.

Now if you ask me, I’ll tell Lady Brienne to get along doing other things, but it would make her kinda irrelevant. Moroever, as her squire, Podrick said, since both Stark girls have refused her protection, she’s kinda free from the vow.

  • Cersei and Jaime Lannister

It actually just dawned on me that Jaime loves Cersei more. I think Cersei really should stop being an angry bitch really, because she would do worse if she was in the case of Myrcella’s guardians.

Jaime is off to Dorne to Myrcella to rescue his daughter, a mission if you ask me, will be very difficult for him because I think his daughter is in love and also plots have come up against his daughter, so let’s watch and see who proves the hard one. I think Myrcella may prove defiant which may trigger Jaime to be honest about their real relationship

Meanwhile, I should tell you Ellaria doesn’t mean well for Myrcella and wants to return her to Cersei one finger at a time.

  • Daenerys, oh Daenerys!

Guess who just made enemies? Daenerys! In this episode, Daenerys executes the freed slave Mossador after he murdered a terrorist she was holding prisoner. Now, this is read differently by the people of Meereen who now believe their Mhysa is killing one of their own. They screamed mercy and mercy before Daenerys gave the eye contact for him to be slayed! (OH YES, ANOTHER HEAD SLAYING). The people of Meereen resort to throwing stones and she was led to safety by the Unsullied. Later that night, one of her dragons comes back home to mama but flies away after.

  • Jon Snow

At the Wall, it is really a tough one out there: first Stannis Baratheon tries to convince Jon Snow of the Night’s Watch to become Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell but stubborn Jon says no, well not to his face exactly. I personally would have taken this, and expected him to seeing as it has been his dream since forever and it’s his right now since his father, mother and brother are dead. Then, fast forward to the election scene, Sam makes an awesome scene about Jon’s bravery, highlighting Janos’ cowardice at a point and Slynt in the process. “He may be young, but he is the commander we turned to when the night was darkest”. There is a tie, and Grand Master casts the vote that makes Jon winner.

As I said here, Jon has a lot to give us this season and we are ready.

Anyway, that’s basically everything that happened on this episode of Game of Thrones. If you missed out on the first one, catch up here .

Until next week,

Valar Morghulis

Image Credit: Screen Rant, Tumblr


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