New Secret: Hello Koumia!

Hello guys! Hope we’re having a beautiful week? Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Nigerian Entertainment Conference and I am so excited about that. I haven’t written about Game of Thrones and Fast and Furious (shit, I am so lazy)

Anyway, back to the title of this post, here’s introducing Koumia to you guys!

This is a sponsored content

Koumia.Com Could Pay Your Next Shopping Bill

From convenience to an access to wide selection of goods, shopping your favourite items online has several advantages but could be costly at times. But the growth of internet shopping had led to the discovery of so many other platforms that helps you save, shopping at a bit lesser rate from your favourite online retailers.

I have gone to dig out this hidden cool start-up. I wanted to know more about these Koumia guys because I felt you would also want to know if you find out that your next shopping cash would be from this innovative start-up.

If there was a competition for online shopaholics sure, I would have been one of those vying for the apex prize but in spite of my patronages towards Nigerian online retailers, I rely on coupon codes for discounts that do not easily comes all the time.

I have been waiting for this cashback stuff to begin here in Nigeria and over the months, I had waited and shopped patiently spending lots on Fashions to electronics at big heads that includes Jumia, DealDey and Konga.

Koumia’s discovery is a secret I would have kept just to myself but I needed to be kind enough because I knew you would also love this new trick of shopping, saving and getting paid for.

Let me go a bit into how it works: the website allows you to shop your favourite Nigerian retailers like Konga and Jumia on its platform and with cookie tracking enabled, your purchases on these Nigerian retailers portal gives you an income on your Koumia’s dashboard.

An amazing thing I like about this Nigerian cashback platform is its collection of goods from Nigerian online stores that includes Jumia and Konga. That means I can still shop my favourite brands through Koumia.

Hope I will get a cashback too when I goes shopping for my first car? You haven’t started yet, start shopping and getting paid all together now.

What is your own shopping secret?

Now, if you have any issues about Koumia, you can drop a comment and be rest assured someone will respond to your issues.

Peace and love!


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