Throwback Thursday: Oldies but goodie!

So this is new, but once every month, I’ll try to throwback to old stuff I can remember. I am a 90’s kid, so I believe for a lot of people, it might be actually old (lol). So, I hope to speak about everything old I can remember but for this month, I’ll write about songs , yes old songs but great songs. Now, between this week and the week before, I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscence and here are the few I present to you:

1. ‘Baby Girl’ by Nel Oliver

I was at this wedding last weekend when this song was played and I couldn’t help but sing along because I remember growing up with it. The song is so beautiful, and perfect when you need to celebrate love. From what I understand, it’s about a girl who is getting married and her parents are sad to let her go, but are happy to give her off. I think it’s perfect for the mother/son dance or father/daughter dance at a wedding.

2. ‘Teta Nu Na Ula’ by Christy Essien Igbokwe

This translates to ‘Wake up from sleep’ and this is one beautiful song from the late Christy Essien Igbokwe. I remember we rehearsed for cultural dances to this song especially the part where the oja (igbo flute) starts blowing. Real good memories! The song preaches about unity and that we are all one. It’s like a sort of appeal to the Igbos to unite and I think this came out when Biafra happened.

3. ‘Love Me Adure’ by Jim Rex Lawson

Aww, this one is so touching. I remember it so well, because it is played in almost every wedding you attend during Christmas season. There’s really a lot to the sweet musical background of this song, that you know you just want to listen to more that Jim Rex Lawson and his band had to offer at that point

4. ‘Ololufe’ by Julius Orlando

Some colleagues at the office were singing this and then I remembered the beat and the part where they go “I love you” in the song. This one, I think is perfect when you need to remind that person in your life that he/she is special and the only one that can do the things he/she does (aww, I’m too mushy).

5. ‘Ifeoma’ by Felix Liberty 

‘Ifeoma, Ifeoma, Ifeoma, I want to marry you, just give me your love’. If you remember this, then this is the song. This is like a song for marriage proposal, probably would have been featured on Bella Naija if it was a 2010 hit but no. Let’s hope Ifeoma said yes to Felix, hahaha!

So, how many of them do you remember? And which is your favorite of the lot?

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