Dazzling Mirage: Movie Review

Hello guys! How did the Easter holiday go? Today, I’m sharing about this movie I saw in March. It’s a Nigerian movie and contrary to popular opinions, it was a good one! Here’s what I thought.

I saw this movie at a cinema in Lagos with a group of friends. It was a birthday hangout and we came without any particular movie in mind. I was stuck in traffic for an hour on that day and so the movie the early birds picked was already forty minutes in and we had to pick another. We were torn between Cinderella (which I said no to. How many Cinderella movies are they going to make?) and Dazzling Mirage. We were four in number, and we voted. 2 went for Cinderella and 2 for Dazzling Mirage. After much plea and deliberation, the crew went for Dazzling Mirage. I particularly wanted this because of Kemi Lala Akindoju. I’ve heard quite a lot about her and I was eager to see a movie she acted in.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 1hr 59mins


  • Kemi Lala Akindoju
  • Kunle Afolayan
  • Taiwo Ajayi Lycett
  • Yomi Fash Lanso
  • Bimbo Manuel
  • Seun Akindele
  • Carol King

Producer and Director: Tunde Kelani

Synopsis: The movie is a love story marked by acts of betrayal and loyalty as in the life of a sickle cell sufferer. It aims to help raise awareness about the sickle cell condition and to help people make better informed decisions

First thing I loved about this movie was the music. The choice of songs and music was just right for the mood/scenario. I didn’t understand the music but it was pleasant to the ear. Next, I commend the location and the cinematography. That was very beautiful! I was excited when I saw Whispering Palms at Lekki (I really want to go there soon) and then that beautiful Lekki bridge that looks like the highway to heaven.

Anyway, let’s talk about the acting. I loved seeing Carol King who played Funmiwo’s mother. I think this is the first time I’m seeing Carol in a movie and she killed it. She played a Yoruba mother and her delivery was perfect! She was very nosy and intruding into her daughter’s business as every Nigerian mother is particularly when she invited her daughter’s boss to her daughter’s friends baby naming ceremony, when she told the boss to come over regularly, when she commended her daughter’s cooking but told her there’s still room for improvement, when she felt no remorse that her daughter’s boyfriend was leaving and told Funmiwo to set the table for 3 instead and when she told her daughter that Dotun never left her side. All these and more depicted Carol King as that Nigerian mother. I also loved her outfit throughout the movie and the fact that she actually was sweating when making gbegiri soup with Dotun.

Another person we couldn’t get enough of was Taiwo Ajayi Lycett. I really think she’s the perfect clingy mother. So demanding, so annoying, disturbing pest also. She played her part as good as I think she could. She was also very sarcastic when she told Sanya’s assistant to fetch Funmiwo a very cold drink. The look she even gave when Sanya and Funmiwo were talking was epic. It was like “Yeah, I know what you guys are talking about. Just be quick and disappear”

Let’s not forget Funmiwo, who is the main character in this movie. I like the choice of outfits for her; although there was a time she wore an ankara skirt to the club (which I thought was inappropriate). Anyway, I liked the little details about her character (like when she came home weak and her dress was on the floor) It’s the first time I’m seeing Kemi Akindoju in a movie and I think she did good. She played the part quite well in between hours of anger, happiness, confusion everything.

Since we’re taking characters one at a go, let me tell you how I was disappointed at Yomi Fash Lanso’s outfit and his hair. The only time he looked okay was the colourful wedding (which looked very real, by the way) and I think Kunle Afolayan was good, but I feel there are over 1001 actors who would play that part better – he’s really not the lovey dovey person honestly. And then when they threw a party for their daughter, they invited a cultural troupe to a 3 year old birthday. A 3 YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY PARTY? Okay oh. Not even Mickey Mouse or Teletubbies, but anyway the three year old girl seemed to like the cultural troupe, so okay.

I also liked Boy Alinco’s (Bayo Bankole’s) humor to the movie, let’s not forget that.

In conclusion, this was an average movie to me. Excellent acting, not so much around the storyline apart from creating awareness to sickle cell disease, story even became predictable from a part. I’ll give it a 4.6

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2 thoughts on “Dazzling Mirage: Movie Review”

  1. I loved the movie especially the colorful display of ankara. Nigerian culture was told in pictures. Taiwo Ajayi was acting like the ‘witch of Oz’. Well its her character and she nailed it. Although i think they could have gotten a better make-up artist for her. Every other character was pretty talented. I had seen the movie trailer a couple of times and was glad to finally watch it in full. The movie was great to me and i would rate it a higher 7. It was my birthday, how couldn’t i have liked it☺
    Too much said…nice review @frankugo oh and cool blog at that. #biggerbetteryouipray

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