TedxUnilag + Afropolitan Vibes


Two days before this event, I checked on google what to wear to a Tedx event and read about some lady who bought a new dress and ended up not wearing it to the event. I was going to do native (thank God I didn’t) but at the last hour, I decided to wear a shirt I had received as a present from Shirts by Cynim

That’s not me, but that was the shirt I wore alongside a blue jean and black shoes.

I got there at about 11:45am and was seated before the event started. The event kicked off with talks from different people from all works of life. 

TEDxUnilag about to be happening! @TedXUnilag. 😻

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I enjoyed Wale Adetula of the Naked Convos. He spoke about creativity and being part of the Walkman generation. I picked out a few similar things: He spent his money on cyber cafes like I did and he was a creative mind, like I think I am. His talk was very much like a Ted talk to me and was concise and straight to the point

Then, I listened to Kene Udeze of CcHub. Loved his talk too. I was expecting a very techie thing, filled with coding language and programming techniques but it was in simple plain English and beautifully delivered. I also picked up another similarity: He also spent money on Cyber cafes and his parents cannot really understand what he’s into now. Same way it is when I try to explain that I am a content editor for a website to my parents

I also enjoyed Seun Odukoya’s presentation. I could have sworn he was going to give out the N1000 naira note he had in his hands. He spoke about rape and how it is not the lady’s fault. He also said something that struck me on how people do not feel forceful intercourse is rape and let me just drop it here, that intercourse without consent of both parties is basically rape

Next was Falz the Bahd guy and when he came in, everybody was like “Ello Bae”. Falz spoke on being a rebel, which was also in line with the theme: Breaking out of the Box. Using himself as a case study, he spoke on how he ventured into music, handling both school work and love for music.

@FalzTheBadGuy takes the stage to show why the Rebel is the Hero. #TEDxUnilag

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The Unilag Shell Eco-Marathon Team took the stage, after the break to tell us about their journey building an energy efficient car. I was impressed that people were making it big back in school.

Dr Yemisi Bokinni was calm, and relaxed, fluent in English and delivered her speech

Yemisi Bokini, accomplished medical professional is calm and ready #TEDxUnilag

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Then there was spoken word from a law student from the University of Lagos, Cecilia Okpo

Cecelia Okpo, writer and spoken word poet. finally one of us. #TEDxUnilag

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I was greatly impressed with Funfere Koroye’s presentation on Copy, Paste and Recycle. I ended up taking notes (first notes I had taken down for the day).

Then, there was Leri Q

At #TEDxUnilag LeriQ on stage

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And the very hilarious Frank Donga, who said “Stop learning, start playing”


Frank Donga on stage #TEDxUnilag

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There was also capoeira outside from one of the speakers, Chibuzo Ikonta who later delivered his talk and was gushing about his bae every two minutes

And after the talk, there was food and drinks outside and I got a bracelet from Ed to end the day. I should also tell you I met beautiful people, spent time with Ekene, Caleb and Kachi, met the beautiful Chiz (who’s my birthday mate) and then the crew (Lade, Bobs, Mason, Deolu, Ed, Dare, Uche, Edi,



Afropolitan Vibes

After the Tedx Event, I went to boogie woogie at Freedom Park on the island. I went with Ofure and Yewande. Afropolitan Vibes was fun! It started late though (why do they start by 8 and say 7pm on posters?) but I enjoyed the band


There was Ade Bantu and then Immaculate, Patrice and then Brymo giving out cool live music for our listening pleasure.




I should tell you that Brymo went all ‘no shirt’ on us

He av off shet, these gals wan cry. #afropolitanvibes #Brymo

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And then, my dad started calling. I luckily found my boss somewhere around who bailed me out saying “I had something doing late”.

I saw Kemi Adetiba and her cool shoes and I was like “OMG”. Dunno why I didn’t say hi.

Last thing, I think these white people enjoy Afropolitan Vibes more than we do. They were dancing and showing off PDA in our faces yesterday. More pictures here:


Selfie time with Yewi
Selfie time with Yewi


Peace, love and cupcakes


Image Credit: http://www.shirtsbycynim.wordpress.com, Instagram/Edgothboy Instagram/ndaniTv, Instagram/edisensei, Instagram/dgwcc00, Instagram/pulsenigeria247, Instagram/OmoyeUzams


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