30 Days In Atlanta: Movie Review

I had scheduled to see this movie, way earlier than I did. The original plan was during the holiday with my family and so, we picked December 23rd or 24th I think. It was just a few family friends and neighbors. We drove to Silverbird in VI but due to a few hitches, the movie had started 30 minutes before and we didn’t want to watch halfway. The next time it was showing was 8pm and seeing as we were with children, we couldn’t wait.


“Quick one, let’s check Ozone at Yaba”

And Ozone was showing in about 25 minutes so we ran down, made way through the terrible Silverbird parking plan (It was Christmas so you can imagine how the place would be) and pheew, down to Ozone through 3rd Mainland Bridge. Ozone was over populated. In short, people had started buying tickets for the next viewing which was around 9pm. We checked the cinema at Surulere, but the viewing time didn’t please us. So, we grabbed suya and ice cream and went home. Fast forward to March 2015, I have been really busy with work. Until yesterday evening, when a friend made me watch the movie.


Better late than never



  • Ayo Makun – AY
  • Ramsey Nouah – Richard
  • Richard Mofe Damijo – Odiye
  • Desmond Elliot – Okiemute
  • Karlie Redd – Kimberly
  • Rachel Oniga – Richard’s mum
  • Ada Ameh – Akpors’ mum
  • Mercy Johnson – Esse

Location – Nigeria, Atlanta

Time – 111 minutes

The movie is about Akpors played by AY who comes to Lagos from Warri and comes over to a party at his friend’s office. At first they’re not allowed to go in because it’s an event for couples but they’re bailed by the timely intervention of Richard’s boss played by Juliet Ibrahim. (So does that mean any couple would have been allowed into the event?) Anyway, the event was a tad bit boring if you ask me. I’ll say I was expecting more life. The guests were boring (weren’t looking like they wanted to win the grand prize sef), the atmosphere boring too despite the performing artiste who was there. To cut long stories short, AY was picked to travel to Atlanta for 30 days and he picked his friend, Richard to go along with him. I must commend AY’s Warri tone as well as Ramsey Noauh’s. I think I was more impressed by the latter.

The story honestly had no story I like to believe. It was just two young men who went to Atlanta, fell in love (or something close) and as seen at the end, came to Lagos with the wives/girlfriend/sugar mummy they had gotten over there. It also says something about the encounters they faced during the course of their stay over there. But on the other hand, not every time watch a deep movie, sometimes just watch a movie to laugh. If that is your purpose, I can assure you that this movie is the bomb. The movie is hilarious from start to finish, even though there were some parts where AY overdid it.


I like how the Skype conversation was set up (and I really wish Skype calls here were that clear) but let’s pretend we didn’t notice that. The music was awesome also.  The inclusion of 2Face’s ‘True Love’ did it for me really.  Also, Mercy Johnson’s interpretation of the role was really great. In conclusion, this was one of the most hilarious movies I’ve seen. I see it having a second part or something, maybe 30 Days in  Essex or 30 Days in Leicester. Let’s hope that’s better the first one.


I’ll rate it 6.4 on a scale of 1 -10. What do you think?


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3 thoughts on “30 Days In Atlanta: Movie Review”

  1. Lol this movie is all shades of balls.
    And the essence of the movie been a funny one was defeated, i could barely put on a smile all through. All forced jokes and bs warri slangs. Looking like an outdated over rehearsed scripts.
    A 3 for me on the scale of 1-10

  2. I loved it! AY definitely overdid it in a lot of parts which is quite typical of him but he still did a very good job. It was my first time watching a Nigerian movie at the cinema but I think it was totally worth it. I was really impressed actually. Mercy Johnson and Rachel Oniga’s characters totally did it for me.

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