5 Favorite Things This Week

Hello guys, good day and happy new month! Today is the 6th Day of March and it’s my little sister’s birthday. I think she’s 11 today. Happy Birthday Sheila, have a great year ahead of you and be more ( I won’t expose your secrets on my blog). Anyway, this week I’ve been very lazy. I saw Selma this week and I was like “I was going to write a review on my blog” but you know how you say one thing and do another. So I’ll do Selma next week, mid week hopefully. This week, I’ll be telling you about my favorite things and as usual, they come in no particular order. You can try them out or take a look at them when you feel like.

1. Lady Gaga’s ‘Sound of Music’ Performance at the Oscars 2015

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews

The hills were really alive at the Oscars 2015 show when the beautiful Lady Gaga came on stage to render Julie Andrew’s original songs to the 1965 movie ‘Sound of Music’. She was dressed in Paris-based designer Azzedine Alaia for both the performance and on the red carpet and contrary to what some blogs thought, I felt she looked absolutely gorgeous. Then, she ticked everything right in my books when she did a medley of ‘The Hills Are Alive’, ‘Edelweiss’, ‘My Favorite Things’ and ‘Climb Every Mountain’. Good lord, I had goosebumps when I watched it on Youtube and I have tears in my eyes sometimes when I watch it too. There’s this mix of vocal dexterity and nostalgia that comes with Gaga’s performance alongside the fact that it was effortlessly and flawlessly delivered.  And so it doesn’t look like I was all alone in my Lady Gaga obsession world,


2. Yoga

I probably won’t have time to talk about this next week, but I am super excited about yoga. My office is having an instructor to take us on this next week and I cannot wait. Don’t get it wrong, not like I anxiously can’t wait for yoga next week but I look forward to the whole experience. It wasn’t made mandatory and staff have the opportunity to say no if they aren’t interested. There was a lot of talk about this in the office as people said it was very spiritual and you’re selling your soul to the devil. I read and stumbled on a post a friend of mine, Ibukun wrote about it and I am more than ready. I might be the worst student, but at least, let me say I have tried out yoga.



3.  Eku Edewor’s pictures for This Day Style

Eku Edewor
Eku Edewor

The Controversial Post
The Controversial Picture
Eku Edewor and Lynxxx

It’s no longer news that I have a thing for Eku Edewor, the few people who know me can testify to it. I loved the pictures from her cover with Lynxxx as Entertainment royalties for This Day Style. I understand that it brings to mind a lot of other things and it is quite controversial, but I saw the art first and I liked it the way it was. It was really bad that Eku had to come to clear the air, but even people went on and on.




4. Evernote


Evernote is one of the best things I discovered this week. The application came installed with my blackberry 10 but I didn’t start using until this week. For people like me, who forget a lot and are very disorganized, Evernote solves this problem. So all I do is write a to-do the night before and then check it off when I use Evernote


5.  ‘Glory’ by John Legend and Common

John Legend and Common

This song is the original soundtrack for the 2014 movie ‘Selma’. I listen to this and then I have tingles in my ear. I’m resisting the temptation to talk about the movie itself since I’m going to be reviewing it next week on the blog. But if you haven’t listened to John and Common singing, you should!


Till next week.


Peace, love and everything!





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